Prime Minister: Saint Lucia’s Special Olympics team is an “inspiration”

Prime Minister: Saint Lucia’s Special Olympics team is an “inspiration”

PRESS RELEASE – Saint Lucia’s team returned home from the Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles, California, USA on Wednesday, August 5, 2015.

The group won 20 medals in athletics, bocce and football, including two team gold medals, three individual gold, a team silver, 11 individual silver, and three individual bronze medals.

The athletes and officials were treated to an official reception at Hewanorra International Airport, having been met and congratulated by a contingent including Prime Minister & Minister for Finance, Economic Affairs, Planning & Social Security, Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony.

In his brief remarks, the Prime Minister told the athletes they had “performed magnificently” and had “taken Saint Lucia where it has never been before.” After individually greeting every member of the team, he went on to expound on the importance of their achievements.

Said Dr. Anthony, “You have demonstrated that you are as good as any other athlete and even better than other athletes throughout the world. I think this is an extraordinary achievement, a wonderful achievement for the people of Saint Lucia. It is an inspiration, not only to those who are specially challenged, like yourselves, but also it is an inspiration to all athletes who represent Saint Lucia, because they will now have a challenge to do better than you had done. And that is a tall mountain to climb. So today, I think all of Saint Lucia needs to celebrate with you.”

The Prime Minister thanked the athletes for bringing the country “so much pride, so much honour, and so much dignity.” He encouraged a national embrace of the Special Olympics team, and concluded by indicating that he hopes to invite them to the Prime Minister’s Official Residence in the near future to thank them on behalf of the country.

This was Saint Lucia’s best performance ever at these games.


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  1. You sure he knew they were overseas? The committee probably told him about it when they were on their way back.


    • He was very much aware and had been following their progress. He recognised Cheryl, and has been interacting with a lot of the other athletes over the years.


      • that is what you get paid to do terry to make kenny look good. when their flight was delayed hours did he send them something to eat or drink? NO!!.


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