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Prime Minister Kenny Anthony pledges continued focus on infrastructural strengthening

By Office of the Prime Minister

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PRESS RELEASE – Wheelchair-bound pensioner, Iris Macauldy, had the honour of cutting the ribbon on Tuesday evening to officially declare the Bois d’Orange Bridge open. Like many area residents, business owners and commuters, Iris is delighted at the restoration of the bridge, funded by the World Bank to the cost of $11.2 million.

The previous structure had sustained severe structural damage due to the passage of Hurricane Tomas in 2010. At the time, the bridge catered to an average of 22,000 vehicles per day, and its loss severed a major artery connecting the capital city of Castries and the rest of Saint Lucia to the populous far north of the island.

Construction on the new 18-meter single span, composite steel and concrete structure commenced in October of 2013 and is supported on reinforced concrete piles. The new bridge, though it will initially operate as a two-lane, was built to accommodate four-lane traffic, in keeping with future plans for the northern highway.

Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Economic Affairs, Planning and Social Security, Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony attended the official ceremony. He applauded road users, area residents and the local business community for their patience during the construction period, but went on to further enjoin the forbearance of the public, as his administration presses ahead with more infrastructural development. Dr. Anthony said:

The bad news is that there is more disruption to come. In the months ahead you will probably have to face some more disruption as we seek to expand the highway from the Choc Bridge to Gros Islet.

As you know, the Government of Saint Lucia has received a substantial loan at a very modest interest rate from the Kuwaiti Fund to expand the highway from the Choc Bridge, and that is going to take a couple months of construction. And once again we are going to come to you on bended knees and ask you to forgive us as we seek to improve the flow of traffic between Gros Islet and the city.

To make matters worse, disruption will also be caused by the reconstruction of the Choc Bridge. And if you thought $11.2 million was a lot of money on this bridge, then brace yourselves, because the Choc Bridge will cost even more from what we are seeing of the estimates. So, residents of Gros Islet, it is all in the name of development. I’m sorry, but I have to try and protect you for the future and to resolve once and for all the problems we have had at Choc Bridge over the past few years.

Estimates and designs for the Choc Bridge are presently being processed for review by the funding agency, the World Bank.

The completion of multiple bridges, the expansion of the highway and the conclusion of road reinstatement works at the Barre de L’Isle were among the items included in Dr. Anthony’s 2014-15 Budget Statement, “Building The Pillars For Economic Success, Resilience And Fiscal Stability.”

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  1. @Samuel i could not agree with you more. You echo my sentiments. We could never have economic growth with such elaborate welfare programs for party supporters like STEP & NICE. I was the first who suggested that those people should be placed on farms in order to contribute to real growth. I remember the PM then saying that he would implement it.

  2. " expand the highway from the Choc Bridge, and that is going to take a couple months of construction...."
    The Bois d'Orange bridge took over one year to complete; so how on earth are we gonna complete a four-lane highway from Choc to Gros islet in a couple of months?

  3. Terry knows better, he is just doing his job as acting press secretary......worry not Jadia is coming back for her job

  4. St Lucian's if you all buy into that crap you all are dumb. The idiots making a big fuss about a second drive bridge that was there already. All that big celebration and noise, what a joke of a prime minister. MATE HAVE TO GO !!!

  5. Those of us who know better are quite aware that what Kenny has done over the years does not in any shape, form, or fashion be characterized as leadership. Maintenance of roads or rehabilitation of roads is just that. Maintenance and not economic development.

    Those of us who have more than a smattering of knowledge about the political economy can see way beyond the usual political claptrap and the PR. The only problem is this: there is no critical mass to make effective change in all the charade that is being put on the political stage.

  6. A very sorry state of affairs. Massa mentality on the left and on the right side. My people wake up reject that tyrant. Look he help the true value people open a sign business, why do think? Elections are due in two years, so guess who gets all printing contracts for SLP? EXACTLY. Kenny is worst than chastanet could ever be.

    • No! No! No! C'est la meme chose! Meme bete; meme pwell. Chastenet pulled the wool over your eyes, garcon? Most of the bridge work is not development; repairs is not development. It is maintenance of the status quo. Come on! Do not let them get away with that crap.

      When Chastenet paid AA to bring EMPTY air-conditioned seats to Saint Lucia, calling that "air lift" who you think benefited from all that lifting of air from Puerto Rico to Saint Lucia? The bloke refused to tell us how much he was paying out of the treasury for this. Is this the kind of Minister of Finance you want? Not that Kenny is all that much better.

      When there were bottoms sitting in those seats, who you think directly benefited from that with tax concessions? You? Me?

      Now, out of the shipping business and out of the supermarket business, where TODAY is Chastenet's family business interest? Get smart. Stop letting people piss in your eyes and call it rain, garcon. Don't be a fool.

      Kenny has NICE and STEP to get him to keep his titles, even when the investors love that "the Emperor has no clothes".

      Chastenet who needs a computer gadget to translate patois into English for him, so that he can understand the majority of Saint Lucians when they speak, has already shown that he will say anything, even before the High Courts to work his magic. What is that? To bring home the bacon to his family.

      Shysters! Shysters! Shysters! In both major parties! What a curse!

      These are the characters, the morons, and the guys in politics. Most of them are just morons, liars, genuine crooks, tricksters, social and psychological misfits, jailbirds who have done time in the jailhouse overseas, high-class white-collar crime thieves, "damaged goods", and borbolists. Instead of a major banana-producing country, we have a genuine banana republic.

      • AH AH You are not smart. You talk lots of crap.

      • at least chastnet has business here........where is kenny business...ALL IN TRINIDAD.......chast doin more than kenny he will invest in us.......kenny investing in trinidad.... him all he can say is chastnet cant speak what...up to now its not part of the school sylabus but now its so you say get smart


  8. Infrastructural strengthening to make your pocket big? What about strengthening our Human Resources? I tend to have a problem with any government just building PROJECTS without PROGRAMS. And who say you have to build the projects first? Remember we got a Darren Sammy before we had a Beausejour. He practiced (proper training)in the dirt, in the country. The African teams qualifying for world cup or players getting big contract, started in the dirt (no stadiums). This government has done nothing to promote human development.Kenny boasted giving every student a laptop,now he is building an IT center for them. Absurd isn't it? Bruceville/Shanty Town (VFort) mentality is gradually expanding beyond the Bruceville/Shanty Town area because all Kenny has brought to VFort is STEP and NICE and the whole of VFort is starting to depend on STEP or NICE, even with your secondary education.His intention is to get every VFortian depending on him directly and I feel sorry for those who have reached that stage.

    • Lucian mentality is one of having the hand out. Even when people (Saudi, Taiwan, UK, Canada) give money, there is never a "thank you". The beast is never satisfied.

    • Darren made his West Indies debut after Beausejour was built. Also, after having played and trained at Lord's. His early grounding was at Mindoo Phillip Park. Since Darren, however, other Saint Lucians have enjoyed (lesser) success thanks to the coaching programmes and facilities in place for their development. And I would have to ask you to name a footballer who was not exposed to a stadium and proper gear before becoming a professional.

      I thoroughly agree with you that projects are not an end in and of themselves, but surely you cannot have a quibble with work being done to ensure that the three or four major bridges that carry tens of thousands of vehicles and scores of thousands of persons per day are built to international standards.

      • Boy Terry, I couldn't have said it better.

      • Ah Terry Finisterre do not come with this bull. You give ST Lucian, via your post, the impression that Darren Sammy came from nowhere an jump into West Indies Cricket. The guy started his cricket in Ti rocher. Went to Vfort Senior secondary school where his started his fame under the supervision of teacher Kenneth Antoine. He never needed the beausejour cricket ground in the early part of his career. I certain tat you are aware that before the world cup in South Africa most of the other African country had no proper training facility.

        I think you know the answers to the questions you asked. You are a sports reporter. There are many African soccer player who have said that they practiced bare footed or with torn shoes. Apparently, you have the typical St Lucian coaching mentality, where we start coaching (regular and proper program) at age 14 and higher. These guys coaching (training bare footed) starts at a very early age (about 8 years).I just want you to appreciate the fact that these African has good programs under condition worse than us in St Lucia.
        This bridge looks very shitty for the cost ($11 million). The raft of God will fall very hard on these politicians who preys on the head of the people they should be leading especially the poor. You should be careful.

        • I'm not sure how I "give the impression that Darren Sammy came from nowhere and jumped into West Indies Cricket." Before playing U19 cricket for WI, Darren had played and trained at Mindoo Phillip Park in the Saint Lucia U13 team with Craig, Gaspard, Joakim, Garey etc. Kudos to the folks at VFCSS who also contributed to his development. I imagine they would have also played at the precursor to the Marcellin Grounds. Friendship Park, I think it was called? Before playing for West Indies senior team in the Champions Trophy, he had played U19 and had trained and played at Lord's.

          As to your comments about the African continent, two things. 1) You clearly don't listen to my morning programme much. I've lamented the fact that we start trying to get our kids into sport way too late nearly every morning. It's vital that children be introduced to play at an early age, before trying to introduce them to the intricacies of sport. That means letting children learn to run barefooted, so they attain proper foot posture, among other things. Shoes train your feet improperly.

          2) Inasmuch as the African nations may not have uniform excellent facilities, their football associations do tend invest in development programmes, typically U17, which we need to do more of. That is when you realy start to fine tune and build. Their comparison in terms of stadia and training grounds is usually with Europe, in comparison with which they pale. But to imply that all young African footballers are just running around barefooted on dirt fields is inaccurate in the extreme.

          As for the bridge, I trust that the World Bank, Army Corps of Engineers and the companies involved in building it know a thing or two more than you, I, or Dr. Anthony about bridge building.

    • Very insightful indeed this. There are numerous examples of this in the path and trajectory of Saint Lucia's so-called development. Clearly, without a good foundation in economics or none at all, I am told, the man mistakes programmes and projects for economic development.

      Yes, it works for him; they serve him well. They serve to get him re-elected to stretch or survive for yet another five years. But that is just to repeat the same thing over and over again.

      NICE and STEP are economically recognized transfers wealth from the national treasury to political dependents. It suits these SLP dependents quite well. With their party in power, they are assured a barely "no-work" job of collecting "the fish", instead of "learning how to fish".

      Such recycling of poverty will, in retrospect, be regarded as a pox that served to perpetuate disguised unemployment locally with a deepening of the phenomenon of the retention of the "working poor" in Saint Lucia.

      Now, just watch how these SNO SLP-offended lackeys hide, take down or treat this comment. This is as if that by hiding such, this national problem will simply go away.


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