PM insults the intelligence of St. Lucians – UWP

PM insults the intelligence of St. Lucians – UWP
Left to right: Dr. Kenny Anthony, Allen Chastanet
Left to right: Dr. Kenny Anthony, Allen Chastanet
Left to right: Dr. Kenny Anthony, Allen Chastanet

PRESS RELEASE – It is a great pity that rather than re-assure Saint Lucians about the integrity of his Government’s Citizenship by Investment Programme and the credibility of the appointment of Dr. Walid Juffali, that Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony felt compelled to resort to the timeworn, stale tactic of personal attacks.

Playing the man and not the ball no longer impresses even the most die-hard supporters, as Saint Lucians expect a higher standard of governance and leadership from those they elect to high office.

As we move into 2016, we hope that the Christmas Season will offer the Prime Minister some respite and that he will return in the New Year refreshed and ready to speak to the many issues that confront Saint Lucians.

In the spirit of the Season, we look forward to a national discussion on these issues that respects Saint Lucians’ intelligence and concerns.


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  1. Lucians wait for it... another press release by SLP attacking chastanet's integrity. " for this elections we have kenny against the Chastanet family"...


  2. Why is it that evidently unscrupulous, devious and questionable persons are now attracted to the citizenship programmes and diplomatic or ambassadorial postings of small island states and are such persons now on the hunt in the diplomatic corridors of such small states for official self cover. As the word likely spreads there seems to be a dirty trend emerging. But more importantly why are officials of such states facilitating those individuals in secret, knowledge of which is only known when some dirty bubble erupts. Is that what the CIP were meant for.


  3. It was the occassional insulting but with apparent success it is more frequent now. But he does that because St. Lucians allow him too


  4. So Chastanet doesn't insult our intelligence with the shit he does in the name of moving forward and making UWP a better party ready to govern? He doesn't insult wen he tells lies on National TV? He doesn't insult intelligence wen he fires single mother's and then pretends to be assisting single mothers with school supplies? Or wen the prices of basic staples went up in the supermarkets? Or wen he made sure the chamber didn't allow KMart to open in cul De sac? Choopz


  5. His Excellency, The Sultan of Arrogance, has not yet fathomed, that the Compton university graduates have masters and some with PhDs in more useful disciplines.

    He controls the hearts and minds of the unthinking in his party and all those maggots feasting on the sickening gangrened parts of the social mess that he has created. But all of us are not just a bunch of fools that he still thinks he can pull the wool over our eyes. Some of us have matured.

    The country has learned the very hard way. We have outgrown the Kenny's alleged backwardness and ignorance like STEP, Petro Caribe, Fidel Castro, IMPACS, belly-dancing on Shoot Shate Central, the market steps, Rochamel, Black Bay giveaways, Grynberg Sell-out, and the alleged CIP corruption

    Pity we cannot get a critical mass to put all of this SLP circus troupe into forced retirement as yet. But it will be 17 Others , and 0 for SLP, after the polling station and next day recounts. Prepare the real lawyers.

    Watch for the bonfires afterwards. SLP has a lot to hide.


  6. Time to give us a freaking brrak from the poltics. Christmas is four days away and still you people are at it. I want to have a poltics free christmas. We deserve that respect from all theee poltical parties. Choops


    • I don't think there is much to celebrate this Christmas. The city is just cool and quiet as all the other days gone by. There again you might be the only one who smell Christmas, because you might be a Hack and getting all the benefits. Enjoy it while it last.




  7. Agreed.
    But maybe we are not worthy of answers or he has no choice but to keep quiet on the issue.
    Which one is it?
    Because I can't seem to understand that with silly season on the horizon, he cannot come out and speak or put Lucian minds at ease on the whole issue. Whether there is nothing sinister about it or much ado about nothing , I don't know because a lot of us in the dark. I would expect that there would be much more info from the government, particularly as the individual placed in charge of the CIP is also associated with this Juffali affair.
    I am also left to wonder what would have been Kenny's attitude if he was in opposition and the UWP made this appointment.
    Would he have kept quiet , I highly doubt it.
    So enough of the anti- St.Lucian nonsense and personal attacks. Forget Chastanet and answer the people of St.Lucia. Don't tell me you are not aware of the discomfort St.Lucians have on this whole issue.


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