Prime Minister hails Papillon reopening

Prime Minister hails Papillon reopening

Prime-Minister-Dr.-Kenny-AnthonyPRESS RELEASE – Prime Minister, Dr. Kenny D. Anthony, has welcomed further positive news for the tourism industry and for employment prospects in Saint Lucia, with the reopening of the Rex Papillon in Rodney Bay.

The 110-room property was closed in 2009, but with confidence in the country’s economy growing, the Rex Resorts group decided to renovate the property, starting in mid-2015.

Prime Minister Anthony paid an impromptu visit to the newly renovated property last weekend. Following this visit, Dr. Anthony remarked:

“I am indeed exceedingly pleased at this development, the renovation and reopening of the Papillon property. And I am pleased not merely because it reflects the confidence that Rex Resorts repose in the future of tourism, but also because this is good news for the dozens of Saint Lucians who are employed at the Papillon. It is my understanding that currently, 85 persons are employed at the resort and this number will increase to 100 in the near future. Some 150 locals were engaged in the construction phase. There is further good news, in that the management has intimated to me that during the reconstruction, all of their hardware was purchased from local suppliers.

“The renovation of the Papillon is estimated to have cost US$10,000,000. With the Royalton (formerly Smugglers Resort) proceeding apace, and also expected to open in 2016, work continuing on Tides Sugar Beach in Soufriere, on the Harbour Club Hotel, on the Courts Megastore in Marisule, and on the Dayana Commercial Centre in the heart of Castries, private sector investment in construction, tourism and retail is gaining momentum.”

Rex Resorts will be officially opening the Papillon in the near future. The company is also collaborating with Air Canada Vacations to increase the volume of airlift to Hewanorra International Airport.


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  1. Hail the reopening of a hotel that always closing to re-open ? Time to get a new trick. Just get the hell out of our faces already. We tired of you! make a round.


  2. JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! I hope the management of Papillon give st Lucians first priority to gain employment . NO Foreigners plz ...... Too many school leavers loitering around the place without getting nothing to do ..


  3. This a lame attempt to divert the attention of the people from the Juffali issue. An impromptu visit to a construction site which is not for government use, is very unusual. "SINCE WHEN THAT'S YOUR ROLE". Anyway, since "IMMEDIATELY" for the SLPs does not means immediately, what is the meaning of "IN THE NEAR FUTURE"? I am starting to believe that is has a different meaning also, since in 2014 the St. Judes was supposed to be opened in the near future.


  4. A very lame attempt to divert the attention of the public from the Juffali issue. Is it normal that the PM make impromptu visit to a renovated property? SINCE WHEN THAT'S YOUR ROLE? I understand election is coming and there is not much you can talk about.



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