Prime Minister expresses outrage at reported rape of 97-y-o Mon Repos woman

Prime Minister expresses outrage at reported rape of 97-y-o Mon Repos woman
PM Anthony.
PM Anthony.
PM Anthony.

PRESS RELEASE – Prime Minister, Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony, has expressed outrage over reports that a 97-year-old woman of Mon Repos, Micoud was raped earlier this week.

According to the Prime Minister, this is a despicable act that not only violates an elderly citizen, but the entire community and country. Dr. Anthony said,

“It is unbelievable that someone would even think of committing such an act. This is a heinous and outrageous act. It is inconceivable that a human being would do this.

“I wish to express my sorrow to the family and the community as they grieve over this wicked and despicable act.

“I commend the community of Mon Repos for its decision to host prayer vigil to share their collective outrage, and to send a message to the perpetrator or perpetrators that this behavior will not be tolerated.”

Dr. Anthony says the increased reports of rape across the island is a worrying trend. According to the Prime Minister, there must be a collective effort between the Police and the public to deal with this problem. He emphasized that these incidents are not just a security issue. It goes deeper. According to the Prime Minister,

“For too long we have been silent about sexual violence in our homes and our communities. In many instances, we know there are fathers, uncles, stepfathers and others who commit deviant sexual acts in homes and communities and nothing is said or done. Quite often the perpetrators are protected. These unreported cases lead to an even greater problem in our society, where these men grow to believe that this is acceptable behaviour. We need to tackle the problems at the root”.

In response to an increase in reports of rape earlier this year, Dr. Anthony says he had recommended to Acting Commissioner, Errol Alexander, that a special unit be established within the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force to investigate rape cases and to also build a database that stores DNA evidence to determine whether some of these cases are being committed by repeat offenders.

“We have serial rapists at large,” he says.

The Prime Minister expressed hope that the intended reopening of the Forensic Laboratory, under new management would better assist police in conducting investigations and testing DNA samples.

He stressed, however, that the first, most important response is that people report known sex offenders.


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  1. Well I am so appalled at our Prime Minister so hippo critical its not funny, he is so mad at that rapist but he has a Million dollar one right in his cabinet. how we conveniently forget, in St lucia we like to remove the mole in others eye and the beam in ours we cannot remove it. ( Ti way chillot)


    Mr. Prime Minister it may come as a big surprise to you, that despicable act of violence which took place at Mon Repos, it may have even shock you, and it should. I ask you Sir have you been listening to the trash that pass for music in your little Island, have you seen the body movements of the young children starting from age five and up, it may look entertaining at that age but there are grave circumstances that follow at age nine onwards, have you listen to the words of the filth which passes for music being played on the Island.
    I attended a party the music of choice was the perfect venue for an orgy party, probably it may have been going on who knows, I put those remarks to you because growing up when the island was govern by men of good grit all filths of this nature was banned out of the land for instant Sparrow music I never eat a white meat yet, this music was not allowed ever. Yet now the filth which some indulge in makes Sparrow music looks like a morning prayer.
    Now you are ask to show your big b**bam etc., right up in your face, have you heard it, well if not you should! As a leader it is your job to know what is profitable for the good of the citizen of the Island! Listen the Island has lost its spiritual values, your music is despicable just as the fellow who rape the elder citizen, even the food taste and choices has been change. St. Lucians are now a Chow Mein generation, replacing nutritious food such as banana breadfruit potatoes etc. At every celebration function I have yet to hear the music I grew up with that’s ok it’s a matter of one choice, but the choice of music that is now being made if there is no turnabout will plunge the Island both young and old men or women into a den of rapist and it is now in its infancy.
    Open your ears man and listen open your eyes and see something wicked this way comes, stop it before it pollute the whole Island, I believe you know what you should do start with the radio station work your way around there are somethings only you can do, you now have to power get the picture!. Unite my people.


  3. Ok PM, you have expressed your outrage. Now do something about it. Change the laws by placing stiffer penalties on these crimes. Ban those vulgar Jamaican music that is being played on the streets corners of the city & in public.
    These perpertrators listen to, too much of such music and watch too many porn. They allowed such stuff to influenced them. Please PM, fix the justice system!


  4. If you really are outraged, really are concerned Mr. PM start making serious changes to the justice system, stock, staff and open the forensic lab, and stop playing politics with our only form of security, the police, and fire that justice ministar. Useless as a toenail clipping.


  5. Did the PM place his hands on his chest and say how much it saddens him?
    Did the funny squiggly voice come out when he was talking?

    All that is bull, the man have tax payers financing his bodyguards 24hrs, they are even assigned to him even in his own constituency. We the jackass voters are left with calling police that never show up on time, a few burglar bars on our Windows for protection.

    PM get off that high horse and deal with the issues at hand. You have failed the youths badly , the elderly don't exist in your world and the country is not safe.

    Your Ministers keep saying you can't place an officer at every corner on the island. How many are attached to you and your members? Deal with the issues that's driving the crime issue on this island.

    People - the victims and criminal alike are sick and desperate, crying for help and those we trust to get solution are clueless and not grounded to what's happening on the ground.

    Again I'm not wishing harm on nobody but until it doesn't get to your front door you won't know how we feeling.

    Shame on all you so call leaders both parties, shame on civil society for not putting pressure, shame on those who commit those crimes, shame on me for allowing politicians to take us for a ride and people ore not safe at home.


  6. Did it have to take a woman who could be a great grandmother’s rape for the MP to see that he is the man with the nation’s purse and who can bring about financial solutions to solve some of these problems – a functional Forensic Lab! If scale fell from his eyes let’s hope more will!


  7. My daughter was kidnapped and raped 7 years ago and while the Vulnerable Persons Unit handled it exceedingly well, and her attacker was soon apprehended and charged, he is still free on $10,000 bail, awaiting the case to reach High Court. 7 years and still no justice ????


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