Prime Minister congratulates Common Entrance students

Prime Minister congratulates Common Entrance students
PM Kenny Anthony
PM Kenny Anthony

PRESS RELEASE – Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Economic Affairs, Planning and Social Security, Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony, has extended congratulations to the students and schools who excelled in this year’s Common Entrance Examination (CEE).

The results of the Common Entrance were published on Monday, July 7, 2015 by the Ministry of Education. Ariel Albert of Dame Pearlette Louisy Primary was the top student and achieved a score of 96.67%. The Montessori Centre was the top private school and Piaye Combined was the top Primary School.

According to the Prime Minister,

“This is a week of celebration for many households and schools and an exciting time for those receiving their results. I wish to commend our students, their dedicated teachers, parents and wider families for their achievements. Our top achiever, Miss Albert, and the children of Dame Pearlette Louisy Primary, are deserving of our applause. I also wish to recognize, in a special way, the students and teachers of the Piaye Combined School. This is a great performance for a small school in the south. This achievement emphasizes that with good leadership all schools have the potential to excel.”

He added,“It is noteworthy that our students have attained the highest scores ever in Mathematics and English. This may well suggest that investments in education are bearing fruit.”

According to the Prime Minister, whereas all students are guaranteed a place in a Secondary School, their desire to excel and achieve their best scores have not dwindled. The Prime Minister said, “There is less anxiety surrounding the Common Entrance results since the advent of Universal Secondary Education. However, the excitement is still there. I have seen celebrations at schools, in communities and on social media, as our children have made their parents proud.”

“Thankfully, over 99% of our students will be assigned to secondary schools. I am also pleased that we are beginning to see the positive results of the Partial Zoning Policy, as most students chose schools within their districts as their first option. This shows confidence in the quality of education afforded at our schools.”

The Prime Minister urged all students to continue to strive for excellence. He said,”I say to our students, who will be entering Form One in September, this is just the beginning of your journey. There are great things ahead of you. Apply yourself, and there is no limit to what you can achieve.”

The Ministry of Education disclosed that 2,372 candidates were processed for the 2015 CEE. The Ministry also reported that the national mean was 63.78%, an increase of 2.88% over 2014. An estimated 1,292 or 54.47% of the candidates scored at or above the national mean. Of the students who wrote this year’s CEE, 2,359 were assigned to secondary schools.


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  1. St Lucians need to grow up an help themselves. Smh..always depending on government...this is ridiculous... some of you get jobs and mess it up...some dont apply themselves, dont you think thats why its hard to get a job?...
    It all goes down to parents educating their kids from the beginning and raising them in the right way. This would be helpful for them in the future to get that job. There is no way you are refused with education, decipline and all capabilities. And to those who are grown, develop and learn about your career, then you go for it with the goal of earning that job.
    Another issue is managing money... if u budget right u can pay all ur expenses... u kno wat puzzles me, the many dance session, the clothes (fashion), the rum, thats a few out of the things people spend money on and that is why they cant afford things now.
    Going to the crime and all thats happening. I believe educating one another and teaching each other is the best way to help save a life... everyone is fighting one another, its like you will gain a big prize. Hahaha....u wanna kno wats the root of all this. People talk to damn much. The tongue is the root of all. The trying to surviving challenge is everywhere. Not here only. You need to make the change, not Kenny ok. Everytime when I hear or read these comments I have to laugh cause an educated person will neva make those comments.

    Note to other commenters: dont let my statement affect u!


  2. I am not sure if some of you are not applying, not getting or don't want the jobs available because the are. Regardless, I am yet to see a country with 0% unemployment. Some qualified refuse jobs believed to be beneath understandable to a certain extent but if your are desperate you will find work.Then there are some with no qualification refusing certain jobs altogether. What are we as a people doing to ourselves depending solely on these politicians to provide our every needs and wants. Seems a little ridiculous to me. Respect to the people who are constantly looking but aren't successful.


    • Realism

      I hear what you are saying however, where will they get a start? There are persons that are not academically inclined all they know to do is stir music, paint nails and stuff. So why not provide 'free' 'universal education' for these children that are under age and did not make it to a Secondary school. In order to start your own business you either need to have a skill, or know how to perform algebraic expressions....

      We need to see the bigger picture St. Lucia and stop being party supporters.

      If Jill wants to learn how to sew then give her the opportunity. pay for that education because she is 'under' age. Who knows she might open her own factory and make all the clothes for the bankers in St. Lucia instead of that money going to Trini owned companies.

      Think about that!!


      • I have no argument with your point in fact I do agree. My problem is the CURRENT mindset of our people which the younger generations are doomed to follow. I am not supporting any party because real change begins with us. Have we not learned from the countless years of political disappointment regardless of party.


        • Case in point I strongly believe That agriculture should have more influence in our school's curriculum. Have we pressured the governments that be to do so? YES, with a modicum of change. However if we ease the pressure on forcing our children to be doctors, lawyers, Accountant etc. in an already saturated Caribbean market and understand their talents maybe in science and agriculture, environmental sustainability etc or else where. We would have a larger market for these professions rather than those who had absolutely nothing else but that. It should become a choice not a repercussion. And that my friend is a societal change.


  3. When they leave school what will they do sell drugs and make booming work we want jobs jobs jobs not talk talk talk


  4. Partial zoning Policy? From Morne Du Don to Gros Islet? Why not Bocage or Vide Bouteille Secondary?


  5. Really Mr. Prime Minister????

    Thankfully, over 99% of our students will be assigned to secondary schools. I am also pleased that we are beginning to see the positive results of the Partial Zoning Policy, as most students chose schools within their districts as their first option. This shows confidence in the quality of education afforded at our schools.”

    What about the 1% who are left out of the 'universal education' and pay their way to CARE? How many of these students can afford to pay for CARE - these usually come from really poor communities. Why can't it be free? In addition, why don't we get the best to teach them how to: dress the hair, cook properly, and saw and sew properly? What, are the so called 1% left to suffer?

    Your statement lacks substance. Get the 'yutes' off the street by providing them with proper education which does not only include academics. Universal Education?? please.....

    Choops and Choops again!!!!!!


    • Perhaps some of the millions in contracts given out to make people billionaires could be used to fix the schools and pay for schoolbooks in poor communities.
      What about some help with nutrition for growing minds with no bread to eat.
      The message to students is bobol and drugs is the only way to make it.
      The Comprehensive for one is in a very bad state.Educated and guided youth are more important than helicopters and lavish lifestyles for the select political few.


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