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Prime Minister Chastanet on vacation leave

By SNO Staff

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Prime Minister Allen Chastanet.

Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Economic Growth, Job Creation, External Affairs and the Public Service, Allen Chastanet, has “proceeded” on vacation leave, according to a media advisory today, July 10, 2017 from Senior Communications Officer Nicole McDonald.

The prime minister will return to office on July 31, 2017, McDonald states.

In Chastanet’s absence, Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries, Physical Planning, Natural Resources and Co-operatives, Ezechiel Joseph, will serve as acting prime minister.

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  1. He go visit he money.

  2. This man is not a Prime Minister.Why,his father isn't putting pressure on him like he used to do with Kenny as a Prime Minister?Vacation should be able to let him visualise the state of the country.

  3. This man is not a Prime Minister.Why,his father isn't putting pressure on him like he used to do with Kenny as a Prime Minister?

  4. Barberella dancers

    Only pm in the world with 6 cabinet post. nonsense. Trying to run st.lucia communist.

  5. The people who complaining about the pm on vacation. Please remember the man has a family and is human. I agree the man should take time off to stabilize his roles at home. It's a foolish notion around the Caribbean complaining about mps vacation. The pm is policy the government operates without him. Let's educate ourselves my people

  6. pm just come her get vacation and so long i want mine 🙁 mweh fashay

  7. That's it Chas, you right all ministers of gov should take vacation . Not that those illiterate , foolish , ignorant lucians that only care about yellow and red wanted uh . Meeeeeee cricket man'je . My only regret is that innocent people who smarter and know not to be fooled by politics and political lies and schemes have to pay for those idiotic mistakes as well .

  8. Amazing Alan just came into office and his on vacation , that's the way to go you might as well stay on permanent leave. Just recently you started a tour meet the workers, you should be in office to address those issues you encountered but it's better to go on vacation . When will we st lucians learn and decide who we put in office to represent us.

    • You are a babbling idiot. Why can't the man take vacation. He has a family and is a human being. Let's talk on issues not be unwise

  9. This PM not ready yet...Man always have some time off..Envoetay tans.....ONLY IN 758

  10. All the things going on and he has taken off on a vacation???? Seriously!!!!!!!!!

    But then again...not like he is addressing anything.

  11. Don't know he why he don't just stay on leave. Any of his standing hands would do a much better job.

  12. Who cares!! Remain on vacation don't come back.


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