Prime Minister Chastanet comments on crime situation: “We have to start with the judicial system”

Prime Minister Chastanet comments on crime situation: “We have to start with the judicial system”
PM Chastanet
PM Chastanet
PM Chastanet

With the number of homicides for the year already at 28, just three less than the total number of murders for 2016, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has said that his administration is taking a multi-faceted approach to addressing the crime situation in Saint Lucia.

He said that improvements in the judicial system to boost crimefighting abilities, building relationships with churches and added community youth and sports initiatives are some of the measures currently being explored by government to deal with crime.

“We have to start with the judicial system. We feel that too many people are committing crimes and it takes too long to bring them to justice. So I think we’ve seen some improvement since the DPP has been there. We want to now be able to house the judicial system properly,” he said.

According to Chastanet, the working condition of judges is also an area of focus.

“Judges do not even have proper chambers. They don’t have enough supporting staff,” he said, adding that government is currently seeking to expand services at the re-opened forensics lab, “because if people are gonna commit crimes we have to be able to convict them.”

The prime minister said that government has made allocations for additional police vehicles which will be sourced through money the police have seized.

He added, “The other big one really is that, once we can get the forensic lab going and we can get the judicial system working, is to continue to beef up the training of our policemen. So in the area of investigation- [it is] an area where we believe that we are weak in.”

Chastanet also revealed that the border patrol is currently being consolidated to now allow 71 policemen who were immigration officers to come back into the force.

With regard to the youth and society, the prime minister said that afterschool programmes which will allow youngsters to have somewhere to go after school, and the development of sporting facilities, is being seriously considered, although there is no hasty remedy to a morally eroded society.

“The idea is to build back up the clubs system in St. Lucia at the primary [and] secondary school level. To support the development of more sporting and recreational facilities for young people in the communities and make sure they are properly financed; [also] the introduction of the creative industries…,” he said.

“We’re also reaching to the churches and to families. We’ve got to bring back the family life. This is a long-term solution. There is no quick fix,” he said.


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  1. the ball is in your court Mr. PM bounce it. you said you can stop rhe crime...come on man stop it


  2. the PM is learning that crime is not a political issue. he said that the former PM was not making us safe and he would do so. I cannot see anything that has gotten better. I donot see the difference with the new DPP. The Pm must stop blaming the former and do something. He sounds too much like he is campaigning and not that he is the leader. As Pm he is to lead by example, what do you expect to happen when members of cabinet break the law, boast of being able to do their own crime and there sre no repercussions or disciplinary actions taken by the PM. remember when it was the last administration the speaker and one minister were sacked for bringing questionable conduct.


    • We welcome your comments about crime Allen Chastanet:
      you can start addressing the situation by:
      1) Ask Guy Joseph to resign for his lies and corrupt behavior 2) Fire Dr Ubaldus for denegrading his office by exposing his family jewels; his pics went viral.
      3) Tell us the truth about DSH & the agreement you just signed giving away the Black Bay lands.4) What are you going to do about the muggings in Castries?


  3. i realize that you can no longer see the people in this country due to high bushes in different areas. clean up has no slow down ,no mention of sports .Its obvious they will find something constructive to do my killin people. please send someone to clean alongside the monchy road accidents waitin to happen and our women are not safe when excising. IF YOU EVER GIVE A DAM


  4. My solution. Reduce the size of the police force and raise salaries to attract more intelligent individuals. As it is right now the Royal St. Lucia Police Farce is staffed by the veritable who's who of school dropouts and D students. Most of them can't even take a proper report.


  5. Mr. Prime Minister all that you spoke about in dealing with crime is all good, but first you need to deal with the 'IMPACS REPORT' .You need to get rid of the corrupt police officers that are still in our police force. You cannot have new recuits under the training of corrupt police men and women. First you need to open the prison because you will need all the space in police sweep. weed out the bad eggs on your streets so we can see a clear way forward. Your justice system has too many friends and family to do a good job."YOU NEED PROFESSIONAL HELP TO DEAL WITH OUR CRIME SITUATION," === THIS IS MY COUNTRY AND I CAN HELP FOR FREE.===


  6. Since we are talking about crime Mr PM answer the following questions:
    1) Did you or your political party UWP receive any money from Teo Ah Khing or DSH to entice you to sign away our lands in Vieux Fort?
    2) Why did you change the CIP without discussing it with Parliament?
    3) Are you trying to make Blacks a Minority Group in St Lucia?
    We are not saying you are guilty, but we need to know.


    • You're pushing "Tourism " as the main industry Mr PM and you and your party cannot control crime in St Lucia.

      Are the tourist supposed to walk around with security?


      • Good point made above. Maybe Allen Chastanet's vision of creating jobs entails a new full time Security Force to escort any tourist that dares to come to St. Lucia.

        On a serious note man, Get "Outside Help" to deal with the crime problems in our country. It is out of control. Too many murders.


  7. I believe love and respect for each other is the foremost thing we apply to our daily lifes. The most important is seeking God daily and applying godly values to the family tables. The church need to reach out to families and parents need to teach the love for each other and forgiving one another. Life is too be respect and thank God it, Jesus bleed for mens life, God is against anyone who takes someone else life and you will be judge for that. Love cover multiple of lets love each other. Because of God love for us that Jesus died. May the love of Jesus and the peace of God over St Lucia.


  8. Be honest Allen Chastanet, you have no idea what to do to stop the crime in St Lucia. You are B/S----ing the people. You talk about sports and you want the Chinese to take over the Dames Field, Sandy Beach, and the George Odlum Stadium in Vieux Fort.
    Do us all a favor and resign. Go and work for your
    father Michael Chastanet or go help Teo Ah Khing with the horse shit.


    • Well said quite agree. He is clueless he don't have any crime fighting strategy for St Lucia. Where is the or What is the SLP Manifesto on crime ? They don't have one.


    • Action speak louder than words. If you are a leader you must lead by example Allen Chastanet. Do something about Dr Ubaldus. He should be suspended without pay or fired. Investigate Guy Joseph and his sister's business dealings with the government. At the very least Guy should be disciplined for admitting he misled the Taiwanese and the recent public statements he made. If you don't see the gravity of these situations you need to sit down with your lawyer wife and discuss these issues . We cannot take you seriously because all you seem to do is talk; no action. Show some backbone.


  9. remove the possibility of paying a sum to avoid jail.
    coequal right for all, not only the poor have to face jail !


  10. "Chastanet also revealed that the Board of Control is currently being consolidated to now allow 71 policemen who were immigration officers to come back into the force."

    SNO I think you meant Border Patrol. However, this has been my point in agreement with Chastanet. Why don't we first allow our Justice System a fair chance at working by doing what is necessary. If a good Justice system can't curb crime then we look for an alternative. Simple.


  11. Have minimum MANDATORY SENTENCING for:
    a) unlicensed firearms,
    b) drug trafficking,
    c) voluntary manslaughter,
    d) selling banned substances to include terrorists home-made bomb making equipment


    • I don't think the sentences are the problem even if the penalty was death there would still be not behavioral change. It is pretty obvious that people do not have confidence in a inept Justice System and this is the main force driving crime. They figure they can get away with it. The studies show that most potential criminals seldom consider the consequences of being caught or penalties that would follow.


      • Yes. It is agreed. They who birthed them, the mamma mal watts, aypee lort chiens did so, wiring them to be reprobates.


        • You write like a totally uncivilized person. Do you have any sense of decency? Keep you ridiculous comments to yourself. Get back under your rock and stay there.


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