Prime Minister calls on developed nations: “This process must be sensitive to the urgent needs of SIDS”

Prime Minister calls on developed nations: “This process must be sensitive to the urgent needs of SIDS”

(GIS) – The Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, at the United Nations Climate Change Conference, called on developed countries to help Small Island Developing States (SIDS) help themselves.

Prime Minister Hon. Allen Chastenet made the statement as part of his address on the occasion of the high level segment, at the 23rd Climate Change Conference of Parties (COP23).

“I call on developed countries to help SIDS help themselves. We cannot wait till 2020 to see finance to deal with emergency situations, build resilience in our countries as far as possible, and the loss and damage that is already occurring. Our people have proven to be and will continue to be resilient.

“But here, on the international level, I say to you, all it takes is a pen to create the policies and to prioritise the resources; a pen to change the protocols used to disperse funds; a pen to change macroeconomic targets, realizing that we cannot invest in resilience without putting our counties into deeper economic volatility. This means that the frameworks we have under this process must be sensitive to the urgent needs of SIDS, and not simply wrapped up in bureaucracy.”

The prime minister’s statement was made on Nov. 16.

COP23 was held in Bonn, Germany.


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  1. The PM is good for himself. Why don't they release the money high rakers in office sitting on , for when their turn end. Every country is suffering financially these days. Everyone seems to think countries like a america is land of gold. Truth is many people in st. Lucia is better than alot in America. Most in st lucia basic only has to worry about their next meal; in a America you have to worry about you next meal, your health care, and roof over your heads. People in st lucia basically want to work 9-5 and before Friday make plans for the next party or dance. St. Lucia is party, party, party (every time you turn there's a holiday or somewhere Day to celebrate). America rain or shine or snow or slit 12-20 degree, you have no choice but to go to work or don't get pay. People in st lucia now haw it much too easy and still always looking for gand out. Many of the kids now, don't know hard work. All they know is give me, give me give me; and when they get older, thry don't understand where the money is coming or should come from, they committe crimes to get what they used to


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