NewsPrime Minister Calls for Greater Personal Responsibility in His Independence Message

St. Lucia News OnlineJuly 4, 20229983 min

“We can do more for our country by doing better for ourselves!” That’s the message from Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre to Saint Lucians as the island observed its 43rd Independence Anniversary.

Invoking the age-old adage that “This is the first day of the rest of our lives,” the Prime Minister urged citizens to “make every day a good day.”

He challenged Saint Lucians, “let us never go to sleep without asking ourselves: what did I do for my country today that will benefit us all tomorrow?”

Saying that “Small things matter,” the Prime Minister asked some pointed questions: “Did you follow the protocols established to protect us from COVID-19? Did you ensure your family’s safety?” “Did you stop littering and polluting our rivers and beaches? Did you do your work in the best interests of your family and the wider Saint Lucian Family? Are you abiding by the established rules of the day?”

The island’s ninth Prime Minister went on to exhort citizens by saying: “If each of us would pledge — right now — to be the best citizen we can be, regardless of political stripe,” that can result in “a positive change in the number of road accidents, less pollution and a reduction in the negative impact of COVID.”

By so doing, he explained, “We would have placed less stress on the public purse, on our healthcare facilities and those who work so hard to deliver the best possible service.”

“In short,” he advised, “what I am advocating is that we turn a new leaf and start doing more for our country by doing better for ourselves.”

If that route is taken, Prime Minister Pierre said, “Your government, freed of avoidable burdens, will be in a better position to do for you what you cannot do for yourselves.”

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