Prime Minister attends House of Lords event in London

Prime Minister attends House of Lords event in London

primePRESS RELEASE – Prime Minister, Dr Kenny D. Anthony was, last week, the Special Guest at a Dinner given at the House of Lords in London by the British Caribbean Chamber of Commerce.

The Dinner was hosted by Lord Howard of Lympne, a member of the Privy Council, former Leader of the Conservative Party and Leader of the Opposition and Home Secretary. John Kennedy, President of the Chamber, Mandish Singh, Chairman and George Alcindor, Deputy Chairman also attended.

Other UK Saint Lucia investors were also present, including Angus Thirlwell and Peter Harris, co-founders and directors of Hotel Chocolat.

The dinner was followed by a round-table discussion on the enhancement of bi-lateral trade and commercial links between the two countries.

Lord Howard announced that he would lead a Trade Mission to Saint Lucia in February, comprising a selection of investors who will benefit from this showcase into what the Island has to offer. Lord Howard welcomed the Prime Minister’s commitment to promoting business on behalf of his people and making himself available to those promoting two-way commerce.

The round-table discussion set as a priority the desire to plug new investors into local talent, particularly in the fields of architecture and construction and announced that work would begin on drawing up an inventory of such service providers.

It was also agreed that Lord Howard would write to the British Chancellor of the Exchequer with a view to opening discussions in extending Export Credit Finance to the region.


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  1. The sad thing about the comments above is the insult to the Prime Minister and his standing as if the other persons at the table a beyond repraoch, to quote one commentator, high class executives, therefore the PM isn't it a high class executive. Ignorance will always prevail in the minds of fools. The office of the PM of any country is the highest executive ever, one can achieve. And as a result internationally it is highly respected. St. Lucians need to stop this partisan crap and evolve to a greater sense of civility rather than gutter politics. Saddens me.


  2. If there are huge problems at home or in your multinational company top managers travel a lot around the world in order to avoid domestic problems which they do not know to solve.
    Kenny is a misfit.


  3. This guy is NEVER NEVER home. How much does he make in per diem? 3 to 4 times his salary a month. The foreign affairs minister is the very same. These guys are abusing the country.


  4. That's all that over sized pot bellied guy good for, just sit and get fat on caviar and luxury foods at dinner tables with high class execs. While St Lucia keeps burrowing more and more into economic turmoil. Everyone one give Kenny a round of applause, where all the better days and "jobs jobs jobs", all that sweet talking brought you there and if it was not for the St Lucian poor people you fooled you would be no where close to sitting with royalty. Anyway good job, but I will tell you one thing you can fool the people some time but not all the time, just keep that in mind.


  5. What exactly did Kenny say? Is it anything that makes any real sense at all? When TNT saw CSME coming, they enacted laws that facilitated their conglomerates to grasp the opportunity to expand their Neal & Massey's, and their CLICO.

    What will Kenny do?

    We know that in life, it is not what that happens to you, it is how you deal with it, that ensures success or failure.


  6. iS THAT part of the the BENEFITS OF THE SYRIAN REPRESENTATIVE IN London? Its time for this travelling Prime Minister to go!!!!!!


    • Time for 'en rouge' to buy this airport PM a plane. His own private aircraft. All this to-ing and fro-ing from airport to airport is costing us. See? See? He is there laughing at foolish SLP constituency branch members fighting for bread crumbs, and those who vote for SLP. The joke is on you all stupid people. Jackass voters give you jackass government.


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