Prime Minister appeals to Saint Lucians to assist Soufriere fire victims

Prime Minister appeals to Saint Lucians to assist Soufriere fire victims


PRESS RELEASE – Prime Minister, Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony has called on the Saint Lucian community to respond generously and empathetically to the needs of those who have been displaced and affected by the Soufriere fire.

The initial assessment by the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) indicates that six dwelling houses were completely destroyed and one was partially damaged. Six commercial buildings were also completely destroyed while four businesses were partially destroyed. As a result ten families are now homeless and several are unemployed.

Dr. Anthony has appealed to all to respond to a call to bring comfort and relief to those affected.

According to the Prime Minister, “The loss is immense and requires a collective response. There is a great need for basic items such as food and clothing.”

The Prime Minister added, “The Government will assist families to rebuild their homes. This, of course, will be after the assessments by the Saint Lucia Fire Service to determine the value of the properties and its contents. In the interim, the needs are great. I call on all Saint Lucians to give generously, so we can bring comfort to those affected.

“We must also consider that quite apart from losing all their possessions, many families are now on the breadline because businesses were destroyed. They too, have needs that can be met through our collective efforts.”

Relief efforts are being coordinated through Mr. Cyril Saltibus, National Volunteer Coordinator. Mr. Saltibus can be reached via telephone at 484-3244 or email [email protected]

Prime Minister Anthony visited the affected families and the site of the fire on Friday, October 23, 2015.

The Prime Minister praised the Saint Lucia Fire Service and the citizens of Soufriere for their quick response to the fire.


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  1. it is nice to hear the pm appealing to all to support Soufriere fire victims.has the pm forget about the fire service ,where are the british consultants? Mr PM, I can assure you that king shane felix, sir marcus paul,boss alleyn rosereire,damme eve albert and two senior officers are about to launch their usual stay away from work, lets close the airport,watch out.


  2. 1) Mr. Prime Minister, get each Minister to donate $500. from each
    pay for the next six months, and you, $600... also the Senators too.
    2) The owner of the company that is favoured to get all or most of
    the multi-million dollar contracts building every thing from Bridges
    Roads and the future Airport Project, ask him to make a substantial
    donation. Every head of Consulate Offices should make donations.
    3) Donations should be for domestic homes, fallen short of funds
    to rebuild, barring that which is adequately Insured for their loss.
    4) it would be better that ALL donations be made directly to a
    BANK, since most funds will come from Lucians in the Diaspora.
    5) the poor in St. Lucia have paid enough and enough through the
    burden of sever Taxation. Time to put all politics aside, and begin
    to put some real cut in Government spending, cutting down on the
    Airline flights by all elected personnel. Now, make good use of that Church.


  3. Before donations are requested, we need to know how many domestic home/household were severely damaged. From all indication, most of the buildings destroyed were commercial/businesses. Someone please confirm, because I do not want donation been given that will be sitting in the National Volunteer office to be used otherwise.


  4. Mr prime minister we as a people always lend a hand to our fellow countrymen. How ever since you came in to office we can't feed our selves because you and your administration have taken the very bread that we were able to give to our neighbours. You its not our fault that we can't help ourselves. So maybe now would be a good time to regulate your spending so we as a nation could help others in their time of need.


    • Choops i will take your advise and to implement it. I will personally invite you to my office tomorrow so that you can advise me on other matters facing our society. I thank you in advance.


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