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Prime Minister Allen Chastanet reveals “the real enemies” of Saint Lucia

By MERRICK ANDREWS, St. Lucia News Online reporter/editor

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Prime Minister Chastanet and his team meeting with IMF officials. * Source: Facebook

(SNO) — Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Allen Chastanet has said 2019 is a “very important” year for Saint Lucia, urging the public not to get distracted because the “real enemies” are crime and poverty.

Chastanet comments — posted on his official Facebook page recently — surrounds his recent meeting between him and officials from the Ministry of Finance and a team from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

He wrote: “This is going to be a very important year for our country. We must not allow ourselves to get distracted and remember always that poverty, deprivation, crime, under-development and critically lost opportunities are the
real enemies. These are the things our Government policies and the 2019/2020 budget are designed to address.”

The prime minister said for Saint Lucia to be successful collectively “we must strive for excellence, always. We must take advantage of the opportunities before us and continuously lift each other up”.

He called on “all Saint Lucians” to support the efforts being made in education, sports reform, fighting crime, food security, safeguarding the environment and assisting the most vulnerable.

“After 40 years, we must have learned by now that we are stronger when we work together, when we are All-in!” Chastanet concluded.

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  1. It is time St.Lucians establish investigation agencies, to dig in and find out what are those government ministers doing with all that money they are borrowing. Tim to expose them. too much corruption going on.

  2. He did not list himself THE NERVES to add fuel to the fire he sitting with the dam IMF and to make such a statement boy I don't know you are as clueless has it comes. Allen Chastanet for once in your life GO AND READ A BOOK . Read one of Michael Manley works on the IMF or go online and read Life and Debt Jamaica the IMF and Michael Manley and open your eyes to see how devastating to a small country such as St Lucia the IMF could be or has been. You have financially enslaved St Lucians with your constant borrowing in the sum of 3.5 billion US alone almost more than the entire GNP of our tiny sweet Hellen now you are wining and dining with these loan sharks to enslaved us EVEN MORE LORD HAVE NO MERCY ON YOUR SOUL I SAY. I don't think the average St Lucian has any idea the impact The IMF would have on St Lucia only the well read and like minds knows the devastating impact this would bring.. Most St Lucians just care about getting by day to day but if we go under the IMF the screws on that day to day would get a lot tighter but it would not surely affect you and yours. Dr. Kenny Anthony you may be a lot of things to a lot of people but you have always stated you will NEVER bring St Lucia to the IMF and I applauded you for that sir.

  3. Why would you want to implement an increase in taxes for workers. This is very bias that there is a 0%-30%tax difference because people who decided to get degrees and better paying job so they can leave a comfortable life for them and their families get penalized for having ambition. Prices on the shelves increases all the time with no increase in salaries. Hotel rates increases with no penalty of taxes because they are investors but we who invest in our education and families will have to pay double or triple taxes and then wait for 3 years in order to get partial returns on our money. The cost of living and good education increases but not the pay packages and we wonder why the birth rate is decreasing. This one I am not in agreement with. If you are proposing a tax break or increase, do it across the board. The real enemy is not knowing how and when money is coming in and how to eat healthy with all the junk food sold in the supermarket, which leads to our children being prone to diabetes and hypertension. Start putting bands on these stupid snacks.

    • If you had a degree you would know that when buying a piece of land also cater for a kitchen garden where you can grow some of your own food. Don't rely on government for a reduction of food prices and the availability of wholesome foods. The price of food is not controlled by government. Government implement tax strategies to achieve certain outcomes and there will always be some who will come out a little worse. The article above is essentially about helping others in the country and a NOT BEING SELF-CENTRED vulture that preys on the country and gives nothing back. Don't you feel that free primary and secondary schooling offered to you by the country' s struggling citizens deserves to be paid back in kind?

      You can only think of what you paid in obtaining your degree as the sacrifice, however the farmers of the country who toil daily, the garbage collectors, every St. Lucian contributes. You can afford many things with your degree but a country in totality is as rich as its poorest citizen. Even people without a degree knows that. You will have to be taxed so the poorer among us can live. Stop looking at countries which have tons of gold in their reserves as an example or the standard to give tax breks to wealthier people.

      Children who get diabetes are usually those whose parents can afford all types of snacks and KFC, the poor ones are left mangoes, green figs and 2 barlarhoo by the sea if they could find it.

  4. Saint Lucia is not difficult to tame. the only reason we are having all those crimes and poverty is because nothing is being done about corruption.The day corruption is on the table for any government S L P - U W P., is the day our crime and poverty will instantly drop 80%. Mr. Chastanet if you have the {B} lets hear you talk corruption. 5000 POLICE OFFICERS WILL NOT MAKE A DIFFERENCE, CORRUPTION WILL.

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