Prime minister, agriculture minister in London for meetings on new markets


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(PRESS RELEASE) — The government of Saint Lucia recognizes that a successful agriculture industry is critical to the sustainable development of Saint Lucia. Hence, the government continues to enhance and source markets for the island’s new and emerging crops as well as current crops such as bananas.

In that regard, Prime Minister Honourable Allen Michael Chastanet and Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries, Physical Planning, Natural Resources and Co-operatives, Honourable Ezechiel Joseph, are currently in London for meetings with Winfresh at Stansted and various suppliers including Sainsbury, the third largest chain of supermarkets in the United Kingdom and Waitrose & Partners, a chain of British supermarkets.

The government also continues to explore new avenues with the French market, with testing of Saint Lucia’s product in that market expected to begin later this year.

During the prime minister’s absence, Minister for Equity, Social Justice, Local Government and Empowerment, Honourable Lenard Montoute, will serve as acting prime minister.


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  1. All wise and prudent people plan for the rainy day. We must diversify. There will be rainy days. All of us cannot expect to benefit directly from continuing tourism expansion. We must each find our niche or our own sweet spot in life.

    Did you not just see how vulnerable the tourism industry is? Note how th3e tourist ship had to be kept offshore with measles. However small, some people lost income because of this. This or that did not get sold.

    Business is always associated with gatherings with ministerial visits. There is nothing new here. Call them parties, if you will. But gatherings there will always be, with or without serious business taking place alongside them.

    Diversification in our export markets may not happen in one fell swoop. This may take time. A long time even. But diversification is a must.

    Our population must be one that sells branded things to overseas markets. This is the first step in making such meetings become more beneficial to us as a whole. We are supposed to be independent people. An independent nation. When will we grow up?


  2. Where are the local trade/ export experts on this trip? To me these two are not specialists in international trade or export !!! I stand corrected.


  3. As-A-Matter-Of- fact

    As A Matter Of fact, let's be brutally honest here. What is it that they will be doing in London and why now? The PM has always been coming to the UK and has been addressing the diaspora in London over the years. What new markets is the minister seeking to establish? Britain has been a traditional ally of St Lucia for many many years now. It goes way back to colonial days. What will be done that hasn't been done yet?

    The Prime Minister's father will be honoured by the Queen in London and I am just wondering whether this trip has anything to do with it. He will be given the title Sir and the High Commission in London will be hosting a ceremony to help him celebrate his entitlement and achievements. I don't think this trip has anything to do with finding new markets for St Lucian goods in the UK. This has everything to do with the PM's father being asked to Arise and become Sir. Who are these people trying to kid? Common, you can fool some of the people some of the time but you can't fool them all the time. A few friends of mine will be going to this event and intend to ask pertinent questions. They want to know more about the products that the minister and the PM are trying to market in the UK. How about the coconut oil factory in Soufriere? What are they going to do about its closure? Will they ever open this factory again? The High Commission will be hosting the PM on Thursday, May 16th, 2019 from 6-9 PM onwards. Good Luck with the ceremony and Arise Sir Michael Chastanet. Maybe one day your son will soon follow.

    Please stop disguising things and be honest about this trip. The PM and his entourage will be at the High Commission for the after party which will be held there. How much is this going to cost the St Lucian taxpayer? A Trip to London does not come cheap. What deals will be done to help recuperate the funds that will be spent on this trip? Please enlighten us, someone. We need to know. I just hope that public funds were not used to host this upcoming lavish ceremony. This is no coincidence. This was planned.


  4. Chosen generation May 14, 2019 at 4:24 pm
    It’s about time we wake and realize that tourism alone will not cut it and we must incorporate Agriculture and for that reason, we need to revitalize the nurseries that were once at Union, Beausejour, and Bath to regrow and replant the crops that have gone extinct. We may have to order from foreign countries. The land is fertile and I think what we should do is to cut down those tall and old coconut trees and plant anew. There are coconut species in Indonesia that bears at ground level, we might need to look into importing some into this country.


  5. This government is a lottery,games of chance, everyone has a chance to become Prime Minister. Isn't it that Same government who promised to shipped Bananas,to Martinique and France, immediately upon assuming Office.Only now you'll have a trial run before year end.We are still shipping Bananas to England,even if it's on a smaller scale than before,but you are in England,to have discussions with the same companies we're already shipping too. That sounds so pathetic and sane.This government should stop trying to fool some of the citizenary, because we've seen through you all.Its all of us that's illiterate and forms part of the 43% as you claimed.The joy ride will soon come to an end, enjoy it whilst it last.


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