Price of fuel products decrease

Price of fuel products decrease

Effective Monday, July 29, 2013, retail prices of fuel, kerosene and LPG will decrease.

Despite recent increases in the price of oil, largely due to concern over the ongoing political dispute in Egypt, the Cabinet of Ministers decided to grant a reduction in the price of fuel products, based on the cost of recent imports of refined petroleum products to Saint Lucia.

The price adjustments are as follows:

Unleaded gasoline will be reduced by 10 cents, from $15.99 to $15.89 per gallon;

Diesel will be reduced by 50 cents, from $15.85 to 15.35 per gallon;

Kerosene will realize a reduction of $2.02 and will now be sold at $11.01 per gallon; 20lb LPG will be reduced by $1.25 from $37 to $35.75; while

100lb LPG will be reduced by $22 from $275.75 to $253.75; and

Bulk LPG will be sold at $5.42 per kilogram, a reduction of 42 cents.

Even after the price reductions, government continues to subsidize the 20lb LPG (cooking gas) by $15.00 per cylinder.

The public is hereby notified that the next price adjustment takes effect on October 21, 2013.

The schedule below reflects price reductions for refined petroleum products.



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  1. $0.10 reduce on gas THANK YOU Cabinet of Ministers. more cents in my pocket to not vote for you ever again


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