Prices for petroleum products continue to decline

Prices for petroleum products continue to decline

Gas-Pump-blue-generic+flippedPRESS RELEASE – Changes in international crude oil prices have led to lower prices for some petroleum products for local consumers as of today, Monday January 11, 2016.

Diesel will be sold for $0.55 less, at $9.13 per gallon. Unleaded gasoline will be sold for $0.07 less, at $10.23 per gallon. The price of kerosene has decreased by $1.65, to $5.40 per gallon.

With these changes and subject to any recent adjustments, the price of gasoline in Saint Lucia will be lower than the existing prices in at least five other Member States of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States.

The retail prices of the 100lb, 22lb and 20lb cylinders of liquid petroleum gas (LPG) are unchanged from the previous period.

Below is a schedule of the retail prices for petroleum products:

The next price adjustments will be made on January 31, 2016.Government continues to subsidize the 20lb and 22lb LPG cylinders at a cost of $9.98 and $10.70 per cylinder respectively.


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  1. The population of Saint Lucia is a tenant of the government of Saudi Arabia. Whatever the Saudis do, will affect the pricing mechanisms here in Saint Lucia.
    Therefore, we need a more knowledgeable and competent set of workers in that section of government. They can be trained. They need training. Had we had this necessary level of competence, the government would not have lost ground and face, on the pricing mechanism. We would have known that it was long time past its usefulness.
    Today, the forecast, which is more reliable than our GDP growth rate, is for $25 a barrel oil. The Saudis are trying to keep the Iranians and Isis in check by lowering the income coming from their oil operations.


  2. Hi Kenny

    In 2007 when crude was trading at $64 a barrel we paid $9.50 a gallon. In 1998 when trading at $19.00 we paid $6.10. Now it's trading at $34.00 shouldn't the cost we pay be between that. I thought you said no salary increases were necessary because inflation wasn't that big a deal.


  3. It's amazing when fuel prices go up the price of commodities increase but now that the prices are being decreased, we're not seeing such reflections on groceries at the supermarkets. We continue to see the prices going up week after week.
    Our electricity bills are the only reductions thus far.


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