Pressure on St Lucia to abolish death penalty

Pressure on St Lucia to abolish death penalty


CMC – The United Nations Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review (UPR) Working Group has called on St Kitts-Nevis to establish a moratorium on the use of the death penalty with a view to its abolition.

The UPR yesterday conducted an examination of St Kitts-Nevis human rights record and called on the twin-island Federation to also “take active measures to abolish corporal punishment of children in all settings”.

As it did in the case of St Lucia last week, the UPR also called on the Caribbean Community (Caricom) country to adopt legislation prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

It also called on Basseterre to repeal all legislation that may discriminate against LGBTI persons, to decriminalise same-sex relations between consenting adults and to prosecute all perpetrators of sexual and domestic violence.

This was the twin-island Federation’s second review and the UPR said it was aimed at highlighting human rights developments in the country since its first review and provided an opportunity for States under review to spell out steps taken to implement recommendations posed during their first reviews.

In her presentation to the UPR, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in St Kitts-Nevis, Kaye Bass, noted that the twin-island Federation has not imposed the death penalty for several years and only three people have been executed within the last 30 years, and none in almost seven years; She said Parliament had also passed the Police Complaints Act in 2014, which provided for the receipt, investigation and determination of complaints by the public against the police and for related matters. In July this year, the police unveiled its Crime Action Plan to enhance public safety which stressed crime prevention and intelligence-led policing.

She said the government was reviewing criminal justice procedures to reduce the length of detention without trial and aimed to reduce the backlog of criminal cases and that the state was continuing to adopt measures to put an end to corporal punishment.


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  1. Hang them i say. Some of these are better off used as examples to assist deter crime. And if they pushing for the lgbt agenda we all know that it will come to pass just legalize d weed same speed. If ppl want to bull thats them but too many wasting life in jail for a plant.


  2. What nonsense!!!! What absolute nonsense!!! Where do these bloody idiots get off telling people how to run their country??? I am all for both corporal and capital.
    Will someone please tell the damned anarchists GO TO HELL!!! I say hang the criminals and hang them high!!
    As for those confused perverts who call themselves LGBT, I feel sorry for them. Just a man but you want to be a woman? Or vice versa. You are bloody confused!! Although I guess you have a right to be confused with all the abnormal things you put your bodies through!!!!!


  3. Believe me, the one and only deterrent is:- CASTRATION.
    Put that warning out publicly, in schools, churches and in the
    media, printed and audio, Believe me it will stop.


  4. yea boy the un pressing their global goals on people to develop that New World Order which has been talked about for years now and hear what are one of their goals to decriminalize same sex marriage smh and we want to say we are a christian nation the world soon end


  5. OMG! Nonsense! Now you wont to create licence to kill. Why you don't concentrates to prevention of crime, start work from family, school, church and again family. Work therapy can heal. Change the attitude-job not going to find you, YOU have to find job. Prisoners must work as well, start from brushing streets, cleaning seabed or making furniture.
    Anyway St Lucians not making anything, just alcohol, then get drunk and making troubles for them self.
    Even bracelets on the beach they just rearrange staff from Chinese shop and resell. Tourists know that and not baying. Make something authentic.
    Al so you planning to put in prison those who said some joke about same sex partners...You will need more prisons, more judges and etc. That mind more money. And only for restricted freedom of speech.


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