PRESS RELEASE: YPG – Youths together for a better life

PRESS RELEASE: YPG – Youths together for a better life

The YPG (Youth Power Group) joined more than a hundred and twenty youths during the carnival holiday in Saint Lucia.

Those youths participated in games and competitions that brought joy to many that were sad and suffering.

Among many exciting activities, the youth watched a movie and received free lunch. Donated by the Body Holiday Resort St.Lucia. After the viewing of the movie, the youths made prayers for themselves and for the country.

“I am leaving this place today with more confidence and faith, I was holding a grudge against someone and after watching this movie I decided to forgive him and I understood that what God did for me is nothing compared to what I was going through.” – Said Joshua one of the youths invited to be at the event.

Those youths learned how to avoid finding themselves in difficulties, conflict resolutions and how there can be joy without the use of drugs, alcohol or fights. If you are faced with a problematic youth and you are hopeless as to what to do-I urged you, to introduce them to YPG where their lives will be dramatically changed.

Good to Know ::

If you have the desire of supporting the YPG, you can contact us at:

YPG Office:

Address: High Street in Castries opposite Courts

Phone Numbers: 717-0311 / 730-4040

 Find us on Facebook: Ypg Stlucia

Subscribe to our Youtube Channel: YPG ST. LUCIA


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