PRESS RELEASE: Water supply has been interrupted in the following areas

PRESS RELEASE: Water supply has been interrupted in the following areas

The Water and Sewerage Company Inc. (W.A.S.CO.) wishes to inform the valued customers in the North of the island from Ciceron, Morne Fortune to Sarot including Bexon, Marc, Cul De Sac, La Croix Maingot, Ti Colon, Coolie Town, Marigot, Roseau, Jacmel, Vanard, Millet, Castries City and environs, Entrepot, Marchand, Lastic Hill, Waterworks Road, Ravine Chabot, Bocage, Morne Du Don, Agards, Carellie, Ti Rocher, Forestierre, La Pansee, Sans Souci, Vigie, La Clery, Sunny Acres, Vide Boutielle, Choc, Balata, Almondale, Union through to Grand Riviere, Piat, Lower Monier, Marisule, Bois D’ Orange, Monchy, Rodney Bay, Reduit, Rodney Heights, Monchy, Caiye Mange, La Feuillee, Gros Islet Town and as far north as Cap Estate that the water supply to these areas has been affected.

As a result the aforementioned areas are experiencing interruptions and in some cases low pressures in their water supply due to technical issues on the raw water system.

The company is currently working on the issue and expects to have the water supply back to normal during the course of this evening into tomorrow morning.

When the supply is restored, it will take a few hours for the supply and pressure to normalize and in some cases customers at the extreme ends of the network and at higher elevations may still experience difficulties which will be addressed as pressures normalize and through special ‘valving’.

WASCO regrets any inconvenience caused to its valued customers.


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  1. WASCO needs to get their act together! Just this past month we had no water in Marigot for 13 days, now again no water. Residents with no storage tank can not give their children a drink, cook or bath for days on end and it is not acceptable. Find competent technicians and supply them with adequate equipment to fix the issues properly instead of cheap fixes that don't last!


  2. 8 days now, no water. And I still have to wait for it to be "normalized". Brilliant I tell you! I wonder how long again before everything is restored to normalcy


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