PRESS RELEASE: UWP calls on Labour Party to ‘stop working against the south’


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ibwygecuppxeefy-1600x900-nopadOver the last several weeks and months the United Workers Party has noted with increasing concern, as the Saint Lucia Labour Party, in various guises campaigned against the much needed development in the south, in particular the DSH project.

Some of the language used by the SLP has been startling, calling for chaos in our beloved peaceful country, especially by the representative for Vieux Fort South.  Dr. Anthony seems to have learned little from the repercussions of his careless opposition rhetoric back in 2010.

Based on his most recent TV interview with the chairman of his party show host Claudius Francis, Saint Lucians can now be thoroughly convinced that all Dr. Anthony cares about are his own narrow political interest and not the people. By all he said during his interview last Friday, it seems clear that Dr. Anthony and his party are determined by any means to stop any development in the south hopefully to profit from the people’s misery.

Untruths, misinformation, deceit, confusion, flammable speech and disruption are all part of his arsenal and he couldn’t care less about the consequences. It appears that Dr. Anthony’s strategy is to put Saint Lucian against Saint Lucia and to benefit personally from the resulting chaos.

The United Workers Party reminds Saint Lucians that Dr. Kenny Anthony has served three terms as Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, a total of 15 years in office and 20 years as the representative for Vieux Fort South. In that time he attracted not one investment to the south of the island and never delivered on the promise of “jobs jobs jobs”.

The legacy of the Labour Party in the south is a dismal failure. They have overseen a south where unemployment levels have risen, where negative migration has increased and where crime has reached levels never seen before.

We agree with Prime Minister Allen Chastanet when he said that “Kenny Anthony promised a pathway out of Bruceville but all he managed to build was a road into Bruceville.”

Within a year of being in office the United Workers Party Government has already been able to gain the confidence of several investors for developments in the south among them:

* The Pearl of the Caribbean Project

* The OJO Labs AI Training and Call Centre

* The continuation of Range Master Development in Black Bay

We also saw the establishment of the CHTTI Training Institute for young people and we know that Government is working on the redevelopment of the Hewannorra International Airport.

Never before in the history of our island has the south received this much attention and The United Workers Party calls on the Government to stay on course and not be deterred by threats from the Labour Party who continue to try to scare investors away. The Saint Lucian people must send a message to the Saint Lucia Labour Party that we will not allow you to stop the development of the south for your own narrow interests. History has shown that the Saint Lucia Labour Party always tries these same tactics in an effort to stop the progress of this country.

The Government of Saint Lucia has already assured Saint Lucians that the DSH Project is at negotiation stage and that it will listen and has been listening to the legitimate concerns of the people. The Government has already amended aspects of the Framework Agreement which is evidence of the ongoing negotiations and changes.

The United Workers Party takes the opportunity to thank Prime Minister Allen Chastanet for the useful information he shared about the DSH project on TALK with Rick Wayne last Thursday. The Prime Minister’s appearance on the programme cleared up several of the issues in the public domain.

The United Workers Party encourages the Government to press on in finalizing this agreement and continue to listen to the voices of the long neglected persons from the south.


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  1. With the continous cry for job creation- whatever Government is in power. What types of jobs are the people of St Lucia asking/looking to be developed? The reality is in whatever country you live, jobs are there to be recruited to. The issue is whether the potential applicant is skilled or experienced enough to do the advertised job vacancy. What are the skills shortages within St Lucia? Everyone shouting for more jobs,jobs to to do what? To those shouting- have a vision be an entrepreneur-start your own business & employ someone. No matter how small you start it's your vision that counts. Put money into yours & someone elses pocket & the economy too. Help yourself develop your skills set. Take a cookery class to be able to open your own resturant. Observe your mechanic & take a mechanical short course with a view of opening your own garage. Employ your son/daughter as an apprentice with a small sub payment to develop hands on skills. Just a few ideas of how job creation can happen amongst oureselves and in turn assist the government whichever party is in power at the time to think of practical ways to create & implement new jobs for St Lucia.

  2. If the deal is so good for the South, why doesn't the UWP go to VFort and explain it to the people? Refute the issues contained in the agreement that have been identified by the SLP. Instead, UWP chooses to attack Dr. Kenny Anthony instead of selling the plan to the people. Stop hiding the agreement and refute the issues line by line, paragraph by paragraph to demonstrate to the nation that SLP does not have the facts. Until UWP can do that, they need to shut up because they know damn well that they wished they had taken the time to read the fine prints before signing the document. UWP representative for Choiseul has admitted there are issues albeit he sings differently now.

    Lastly, can anyone show me the development Sir John brought to the Micoud area he represented or the development the UWP representatives brought to the Micoud village? I know of one, it is a concrete structure (some thought was a market) erected in front of the homes of the people, blocking their view and devaluing their properties and currently is an eyesore for the Micoud village. UWP can start be demolishing the eyesore. No representative would have built it if they owned a home or resided on that street. WHAT WAS THE REP OR PLANNING THINKING WHEN THEY APPROVED THAT?

  3. Fighting illiteracy is the tougher than any other challenge in St. Lucia.

  4. "BAD DEAL!!" Tell that to the young people who are already getting the "WORST DEAL."

  5. RIP to WINSTON!..i really feel kenny and goons is opposing this DSH project cause they know if this thing take flight the ppl will see the truth and kenny and goons will never have the chance to reign in a very very long time to come.

  6. SLP is bankrupt of ideas. They have never amounted to anything but university graduates with book intelligence. Unable to think independently for themselves, they made egregious blunders like Frenwell and Grynberg.

    Even today, in regional circles, some are still stupefied that UWI burdened such incapable graduates upon their countries.

    SLP's followers, mainly known grass-cutting STEP ignoramuses, continue as their main apologists and a secure voting bloc. They keep waiting for government handouts which are transfers from those forced to pay government taxes under the SLP. It is damn shame that this is as far as SLP members of parliament education can produce. Lies, vagabond STEP workers, persistent poverty, wanton ghetto violence and crime.

    The UWP is always left with a task to clean up SLP's mess. Yet, another new SLP-created ghetto oozing red and which needs a clean-up, is Bruceville.

  7. Kenny Anthony is bad news to this country. .....I wish he just go under his rock......It not about you Kenny....We need jobs......You have failed to deliver. ......get out of the way arrogant in chief. ...

  8. Is this a game now? All these worthless back and forth press releases.

    WE luclans should demand that these politicians take a lie detector test in a public setting with some nice river stones for the public to pelt at them with each lie.

    Meanwhile not an effing mfing word on curbing the crime situation.

  9. I'm not a big fan of any political party, however We all know who Kenny cares about. Give 4% raise to be financed by a loan, then take back 5%, then fire the best police commissioner St. lucia ever had. Really, putting your political gain ahead of the security of our country. He should be banished from st Lucian politics. The slp had a better chance of winning if Kenny had left three years ago.

    • this is a very hypocritical statement right here. Isn't that exactly what Chastenet is doing right now? reduce VAT by 2.5% but raise gas by 60%. removal of subsidies on flour rice and sugar. Until we St Lucians stop being blinded by color and open our eyes to see the way forward is not via politicians and their empty promises and lies we will only continue to move backward. As a Vieux Fortian i am not against DSH. i am only wondering why so many things are kept secret and not revealed to the public. i also wonder why there are so many contradictions surrounding this project and why even with all these protests and everything it doesn't even faze the prime minister enough to even acknowledge the people who voted him n and to at least give them the answers they seek.

  10. If they lease land for 99 years when will your common sense tell that's a give away that land can never be yours again where are the vf people going to fit in. In 99 years there will be more ching chong than Lucian so Lucian watch your bread

    • That's a stupid assumption. The US and the Barbadians had it for the same period so how come we don't have those people here? The investment is not for only Chinese to buy into its for anyone that can afford. Stupid!!

  11. Tell uwp show us the facts and all the authentic documents they are hiding the people of st lucia are not stupid we are no longer accepting jab a sac we need development but we refused to sell our souls to the devil

    • Do you know the details of the Grynberg deal?? At least our PM let us know about DSH from the start. He didnt keep it secret. And he also keeps emphasisizing that its a work in progress so please have some patience....the details will be revealed when the time is right.

    • No government has any reputation of hiding any docs except Kenny Anthony's and that's proven. Why when your leader treats you with absolute disdain that you automatically assume that another leader will treat you the same? This means that you need counselling you just cannot get a grip that you have been abused, hence your inability to trust anyone anymore. Please call Social Services!!

    • I guess STEP and NICE were great deals!! And Kenny thought them up all by himself.

  12. Kenny and laba....mashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  13. wont work...this government on the backfoot...stop selling the country and start speaking the truth...

    Ull telling too many lies! Las manti!

    • So why is Labor moving from patrimony to bad deal to bad investor to letter of comfort now to PM and investor are friends? Isn't Labor backpeddling? I think god gave you a brain to think not for it to shrink. With that kind of analysis you made need to check for microcephaly.

  14. The press release speaks of "Untruths, misinformation, deceit, confusion, flammable speech and disruption..."

    Wow, this is starting to sound like a marriage, LOL!

    • Yeah Nancy and Nicole , enjoy your press release until it backfires

      • So right Jo jo. Tell them go ask Jadia how hard the "mighty" falls when it comes to being the casualty of an electoral defeat. What goes up must eventually come down. At least Jadia had the good sense to go study law, I wonder what these two are going to do when it comes to an end.

  15. How can anyone be so asinine,as to believe that the sale of CIP passports would finance the DSH project. What is the price of a passport and how many passports will have to be sold and how long will it take to raise 2.6 billion US dollars. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are in the wrong business and if we a small island nation has such a valuable passport then why do we need visa to go any place worth mentioning and on the same note why not forget about bananas,tourism and just sell passports to run the countries affairs.

  16. Yes we do need jobs for every body in st.lucia,not just for the south.The subject of the day is not Kenny, Allan, sir John etc. We have a problem with the DSH DEAL, something is not right with this deal namely. SALE OF OUR PASSPORTS by the developer. ESCROW ACCOUNT, Amt of jobs to be generated, the buy back clause, if the project fails. Kind seek clarification. I am really confused. The pm keep twisting things around.

    • You do not read. You are an ECHO!

    • Maybe you just can't read or even listening. Did you know that 90% of communication and learning is listening? The Government is the only agency with documents so why do you listen to any other source?

  17. Its an easy thing to say people lie or call them liars. On such an important issue wouldn't it have been beneficial to all concerned that you point out what these lies are? SLP and many other groups have made their case against DSH as you present it. Its no secret! The least you can do is to present yours and let the people be the judge. Or is it a case of you not trusting their judgement? That would not surprise me. You don't even trust members of your own party. What else could be the reason they all are ministers of something in the PM's Office. Most importantly they know now you can tell a lie. Remember your promise caping of the price of fuel?

    • The SLP has present not. Kenny Anthony accusation on Teo Ah Khing just proved to me that the SLP intention was always to stop the projects. Why don;t they ever understand that only on phase of DSH has been signed.

  18. "Dr. Anthony and his party are determined by any means to stop any development in the south hopefully to profit from the people’s misery".

    I would like to add to "people's misery', mental slavery, ignorance, dependance, poverty, shitting by the beach, being infected with HIV/AIDS and the list goes on. They want to continue telling the people of VFort that FOOD AND DRINKS IS FREE to attract them to meetings. If them guys come to VFort to protest against us Vfortians, they deserve to be stoned. We can't take it no more. We are not against ourselves. We know what is happening with the SLP VFCCCC group. They are most parasitical uncaring Vfortians.

  19. Press secretary, what else do you have to say to the st.lucian population. Are you living in st.lucia, kindly pay very, very close attention to what the PM says. I know you need a pay cheque at the end of the month. Why did you write this. We don't live in the dark ages anymore.

    • It's because you live in the dark ages you cannot appreciate this press release. Left to people like you and other SLP bandwagonist we will continue to live in the dark ages.

  20. Chastenet do not be deterred. SLP's plan to turn St. Lucia into a socialist dictatorship like Cuba, Venezuela and Zimbabwe, with people living in fear and poverty, must be stopped. These developments will create opportunities for fishermen and farmers in the south as money starts to roll in. I am an AC technician and I can imagine the amount of units that down there that will require installation, service and repair. My brother is a taxi driver and he expects work from this. My wife's brother is a trucker and he is gearing up for work. My cousin in VF is a computer/IT technician and I'm sure work will come his way for installations and servicing. This crap about cleaning horse waste is typical SLP scare tactics and rubbish to keep VF in ignorance and subservience for another 50 years.

    • This is the most ignorant thing I have read so far. Do you really believe You will be hired to do AC installations, your cousin will get Computer tech work...keep dreaming. I think you better gear up to do all the dirty work as none of these jobs will go to St. Lucians. I thought we as a people were brighter and did not fall for dangling carrots anymore.

      All the members of government have exit strategies lined up I am sure when things do not work out as expected. Remember they all have access to privileges that we do you really think St. Lucia is really their HOME??

      I feel so sorry about what is happening to not only Vieux Fort where I grew up but to St. Lucia....we are losing our identity and things will not get better....the increase in people ..pollution...waste... and the continue loss of every bit of land we call our own.

      I hope you and your family have contingencies lined up when you do not get what you are hoping for. ..Good Luck with that!!

      • So AC repairmen and truck drivers will be brought in from overseas? Labour idiot! So a fridge goes bad on a Sunday and they will fly in a refrigeration technician by private jet? So somebody needs a load of topsoil and the Chinese will fly it in with the truck and truck driver? So a villa owner wants fresh fish and bread on a Saturday and will fly it in from China? So a pipe burst on Christmas day and they will fly in a plumber from the states? Your comment is typical of the contempt labour party leeches have for the intelligence of St .Lucians. You idiots made your bobol at St. Judes and you hungry for more. JJ, Monty, Cornelia, Gilroy et al your are unconscionable in your party hackery and greed. Diane you are just as bad posing as an intellect which your bitter messages, grow up and be an adult.

    • Well said. I always laugh when I read the small minded comments about the only jobs that will be created is cleaning horse shit...smh. They don't think of all the complementary businesses that Looshans will have the opportunity to set up such as car rental companies, duty Free stores, restaurants simply because of the increased human traffic that will be in Vieux Fort including the vasr number of persons.who return to the south because jobs will be available for them down there with no need to travel up north

  21. If by now people can't see through Kenny and all his tactics then they will never see again

  22. straight SHOOTER

    The S L P had this same deal to sign, but they chose not to because it was a bad deal. They are only asking that the government renegotiate the deal because it is not in the best interest of the people in the south. I do have a bad feeling that some members of this government may have taken money on this deal. I do hope that i am wrong , but this type of behavior has happen in the past. People of the south i hope you challenge the government on issues that will affect you and your children , children in the future. think of your homes. live stock and your way of life before you accept this deal .Rich people has no standard and some do not care about poor people think before you take this giant leap. === GOOD LUCK==

    • they didn't sign because their pockets were not benefiting

    • you are obviously a mouthpiece for the slp. is that you, Kenny? the south has no future without jobs and investment. two things Kenny has never done. personally, I wish the govt would move all projects away from the south and put them where the people will be grateful. let Kenny and his posse rot and starve in vf. give them exactly what they want and have had for the past 20 years.

    • SLP had no deal on DSH. They decided to go with an other investor, so teo ah khing started looking for other islands. When in Barbados someone told him that there's a new government in st.lucia and called Allen to tell him about teo

    • So you would agree that he had two contending developers for the same place in VF? One was proven to be a bullshitter but that happened just before elections. There was no time for SLP to sign any deal with DSH (from the words of SLP admin). Even SLP has stopped using that stupid defense about bad deal and so did not sign. Don't shame Labour, at least they have demonstrated consistency in being dumb, don't be worse by being a jackass.

  23. damn it you all are now in office govern and stop wasting people's time with Kenny, This is why we got rid of him to allow you the opportunity to prove yourself. If you are not careful you will be out of office soon, shut your mouths and let your action speak for itself . Ishay man, Tired of the never evening elelction campaign .

    • I really think am tired too. Enough about Kenny Anthony lets move on. Ever since 1997 our lives has been a living hell. LETS GET ON WITH IT.

  24. Kenny and Tony is trying to use scared tactics to stop what the government has plan to achieve. Remember giants are the people bread. David destroy goliath with with one stone, he was trying to defile the children of the living God, this is the same thing the uncircumise philistines are trying. But in the name of the living God they won't succeed. If God with you who can be against you. Be courageous and go forward, don't let the babal goliath stop you.

  25. The question no one ask Allen Chastanet is who is financing the Pearl of the Caribbean project? Mr. Chastanet, who is financing the DSH project? We are hearing that passports will be given to the developer to sell so the money will be used to do DSH? is that true?
    So if our passports will be sold to finance the project then DSH will belong to St Lucia because it is our money that will finance it?
    Can someone answer what will the developer do with the passport money? So if he is financing the project, why he has to be given our passports to sell?
    Mr. Chastanet please answer? Nancy please answer? Guy please answer?
    we need to know

    • You think they could sell enough passports to that project. The only thing the passport money goes to is the infrastructure. You have a brain why don't you use it.

    • You are so so stupid. Don't you read or listen? Silly questions.

    • The CIP money will probably be in 2 parts. 1 it will pay for the infrastructure such as roads that will benefit the people of st.lucia. Allen has said that he doesn't want more than 40% of CIP money in a project.

    • Pablo, I suspect when they do answer you're not around to hear. I highly doubt you will hear if they answer to your call here. The Prime Minister did a wonderful job last Thursday on the TALK show with Rick Wayne answering those questions.

    • How could you give an investor passports to sell? So why is there CIP? You are an idiot or what? I think is "or what" because even an idiot could figure that out. The investor will bring in other investors who will invest in land/businesses, etc. and they will apply to CIP in the same manner and be dealt with in the same manner. SLP would love you because what you said is totally dumb. Don't you know that it is illegal for any person to be selling passports???

  26. We will be getting a lot more statements like this one as the realities of the DSH fiasco comes out in the open
    and the public begins to realize what a disasterous deal the U.W.P has found itself in. The UWP should be commenting on the non profit making phase one of the deal which will be funded by our CIP money. All projects being refered to by this government has the former Labour Party fingerprints all over them. St. Lucians Awake from your slumber

    • all projects have the slp fingerprints on them? really? then why were they never brought forward? what happened? the slp messed up again and again. vf is the poster city for the slp govt. slumber is what the slp has been doing for 20 years. the people did wake up--on election day and the slp was still asleep. it's going to happen so stay sleeping so those that want st. lucia to thrive will pass you by.

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