PRESS RELEASE: UWP calls on Joachim Henry to answer burning questions or resign

PRESS RELEASE: UWP calls on Joachim Henry to answer burning questions or resign

The United Workers Party remains concerned over the silence of Senator Joachim Henry into the alleged mismanagement of funds of the National Lotteries Authority during the time MP for Denney North Shawn Edwards had oversight over the organization.

Documents in the public domain reveal that that there was a direct conflict of interest between the Senator, who was first the director of the Saint Lucia Social Development Fund and then the St Lucia Labour Party Candidate for Castries South East and the Lotteries Authority.

Senator Henry must clarify the following:

  • Did he receive contracts from the Lotteries Authority whilst he was the Director of the Saint Lucia Social Development Fund?
  •  Did he use his position as the Director of the SSDF to get inside information of the programmes of the Lotteries and use that information to prepare project proposal for the lotteries that he was paid consultancy to oversee?
  •  Did he use any drawings of projects belonging to the SSDF as part of his project proposal to the National Lottery that he was paid for?
  • Did he receive over two hundred thousand dollars payments in advance from the Ministers account to oversee Lottery projects that were never completed whilst being a candidate of the St Lucia Labor Party a few weeks before the last elections?

We again call on the St Lucia Labour Party to stop playing political games by saying all the right things but doing all the wrong things. We demand that the Leader of the Opposing Hon. Philip J Pierre do the right thing and ask Senator Henry to resign if the answer is yes to any of the above questions asked.

We again remind him of his statements earlier this month when he said “every political party and government should set standards to oversee the behavior of their officials and if they fall short, they should resign.”

The United Workers Party maintains its full support of the Current Administration and will support its mandate of Building a better St Lucia for All Saint Lucians.



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  1. Up to this day, UWP continues to show how fragile and insignificant they can be by wanting to label others like them. UWP remember this, you are nothing but garbage. And so you shall be forevermore


    • the slp must be lower than garbage because they got their a$$ kicked in the last election. the slp has proven to be corrupt and complete liars all the while pointing fingers at others for the problems they have caused and the laws they have broken. this guy is corrupt and arrogant and thought his slp friends would cover for him after the election. initiate a formal investigation and he will resign within a day. you need to flush the toilet because you and your party are still floating in the bowl


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