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Flavien, new UWP PRO

Flavien, new UWP PRO

The United Workers Party would like to announce Ms. Kernisha Chrisa Flavien as its new Public Relations Officer.

Ms Flavien a resident of the Dennery North Constituency is well known with her involvement in youth and community work and a calypsonian under the Sobriquet Lady K.

She is a graduate of the University of the West Indies School of Continuing Education Barbados in Property Management and Real Estate.

Kernisha is a product of the Aux Lyons Combined School and the Clendon Mason Memorial Secondary School. She also attended the College of Radio Broadcasting in Barbados where she completed a course in Mass Communication.

With a keen interest in politics and being inculcated in her from a young age, Flavien is indeed very enthusiastic about her new position. She will be enrolled for the new school term at the University of the West Indies Open
Campus St. Lucia undertaking BSc. in Political Science.

Kernisha Flavien was a participant in the 2017 Youth Parliament session representing the Dennery North Constituency with the responsibility for Heritage, Culture and Creative Industries.

Ms. Flavien believes that this position of informing the public and liaising with the media and the work of the United Workers Party will prepare her for the future.

She believes that there needs to be an inclusive approach for young people to contribute to our country’s agenda and to have provisions made so the proverbial baton can be passed onto the youth, who will be holistically prepared to elevate the development of our country.

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  1. And we care why?? This woman has bullied plenty of people on social media. I'm even surprised she has a job in fact. I hope her bullyind days are over!!!

  2. ??????You sad and salty keep beating the same drum and dancing to the same music you will get tired soon. ????Never treat people bad because you don't know where you'll end up,she is on Facebook cursing people and now people suppose to be happy for her lmaooooo???you need a reality check. Bye Felicia

  3. Congrats all the best

  4. What happen she is VIncy. if we treating our own in that manner farless someone who in not Saint Lucian. We seems to have the remedy for everything which seems to be positive. Saint Lucians behave like the days of Cesar and Pilot in the Bible. Go for your dreams young lady. As a man, I believe we need more women in our national affairs regardless of color. Keep your head up high. Believe in yourself.

  5. Really foolish people. A young lady is trying to so something worthwhile in life and this is the type of idiotic comments you guys are posting. Gosh man stop politicizing everything and give the lady a chance. I do not know you man but good luck.

  6. Stop fighting down each other, wish the lady well
    Stop wishing bad for people and your country, it falls on you. Let's work together Stop letting politics divide us. We all are St. Lucians.

  7. Oh boy....I love to read you'll Comments you'll Crack me up.we Lucian's are one of a kind.we are unique.

  8. Congrats!! But why can't some of us be happy for others?? Smh!! All this because the girl got appointed?? I don't really care about Politics but Congrats my darling all the best.

  9. No wonder this woman was singing so..she knew her business..but the same way she used to curse people on Facebook she will continue as PRO...

  10. Lucians really idle. A young lady gets a job and you all have all kinda sh-- to say. Get a life!!

  11. Your'll just cant be happy for someone. At least she has a job. Those of you who have the time to write all the salty comments, I hope you have one. Stop hating on ppl. You don't like what's being posted, just browse and don't leave a bad comment. If you can't say something good about somebody just shut up!

  12. Congrats sugar plum ,st Lucia belong to us not some keep focus and move on don't let bad blood negative one take control God is with I and all of us again I say congrats.

  13. UWP forming the a-- as usual. So Chas got rid of the last PRO who defended him against the likes of Spider and king and opted instead for a novice? Sad,

  14. Congrats girl. I am sure you will do a fine might come with its challenges but then thats your greatest teacher. I dont know you but dont mind the salty SLP unemployed hacks. Theyve been unemployed since the last administration Hence they have all that time to post under sno so often. They are so bitter and angry That theyre not even looking for jobs. All them jobs their have available them days. Poorjab. PS. I wrote this comment dueing my lunch break. I got employed under the uwp eh. Big up chastnet. Tings nice. My house have nore groceries and everybodg at my home working. So my girl smile and make sure you dress all in yellow for all your press conferences.

  15. But y'all can't pay y'all nice workers telling them there is no money and it's beyond y'all control????look it take it pwen

  16. People just can't see others achieve something. Gosh man!!! Congratulations young lady. Don't know who you are but all the best

  17. 'This article is so badly written. WTF..

  18. Who they fire to hire can somebody explain.

  19. Poor jab you were so desperate for position you finally got it but it won't last. When one fabricate stories it will come back to bite them in the ass. The same stick that beat the white dog,will beat the black one too

  20. You mean Chastanet party

  21. There is no such thing as United Workers Party it is gone for now let's hope they can bring back someday for the people of st Lucia. Right now we have three Useless Worthless People running the government and all three are foreigners the PM I don't know what country his accent is from. Dominic he is from the country call Guyana and Guy Joseph his his accent is from a country call Bus driver eh be fig. Now United Workers Party it is time to take back your party.

    • Country called "Bus Driver". That is funny man. Guy needs an education. He does not have a High School Diploma but both him and his sister are getting rich at the Public Trough. These pigs are eating good public food.

    • Country called "Bus Driver". That is funny man. Guy needs an education. He does not have a High School Diploma but both him and his sister are getting rich at the Public Trough. These pigs are eating good public food.

  22. Except perhaps for the exposure to Mass Communications, I am afraid that non-exposure to information intensity and technological intensity creates a serious knowledge gap. Perhaps, that is the very best that UWP can do.

    Be that as it may, socio-cultural (technology) and economic reality drives the responses from day #1. You sink or you swim. There is social media consumed by the newly-minted class of the $100 thousand Saint Lucians. Perceptions of economic and political risk will be foremost on their minds.

    Since the characteristic mendacity of the last SLP regime as standard operating procedure, Saint Luciabs are more than ever today, very aware of fake news. Good luck,

  23. she aint my friend but congrats! all url salty cats will get mad...if she had to talk to get what she want then so what!!! some of url f-- for clothes and shoes so what happen she cuh talk!!

  24. Congratulations on your new job!

  25. Salop u talk so much for that position


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