PRESS RELEASE: Too many guns, says local human rights advocate

PRESS RELEASE: Too many guns, says local human rights advocate
* This is NOT actual illegal guns seized by local authorities.
* This is NOT actual illegal guns seized by local authorities.
* This is NOT actual illegal guns seized by local authorities.

Young males are increasingly becoming victims of gun and gang-related violence. Out of 28 homicides for the year, 95% were males.

This is critically alarming as males are becoming more vulnerable and susceptible to violent crimes within their communities. There is an urgent need to enact effective gun policies and community interventions that will work as deterrents against gun violence and access to illegal guns.

Felicia Browne, human rights advocate, is appealing to civil society and youth organisations to focus their community projects on alleviating gun violence and gang activity amongst the youth.

Felicia Browne
Felicia Browne

“The youth are asserting their powers through activities that are detrimental to their well-being. Many of them are seeking guidance from the wrong individuals. Some of these young men and women believe that gangs are the only solutions to their problems.

“We must be able to craft alternatives. We as a society need to begin to face our realities and acknowledge that we have a problem with illegal guns on our streets. How can teenagers be caught with high-powered guns? Who are providing them with these deadly devices? As the gun violence The city increases , and citizens, in particular young males are fearful that their lives are at risk.”

Browne adds that gun violence is a human rights issue and government must do everything within its power to address this problem. Too many young people are dying while we fail to provide them with the tools for success. Too many of our young men are dying because we fail to provide opportunities that will obviate the need to become members of violent gangs.

Our government needs to explore how we can decrease the level of gang recruitment of young people and punish individuals who are known to recruit young children in gang-related activities.

She adds that young men and women should be given opportunities to grow within their fullest potential through educational and entrepreneurship training.

How can we expect young people to be motivated about life if there are no avenues for the enhancement of their future? Our young people need to able to trust their policy makers and believe that their lives will not be cut short by the errors and omissions of those in charge.

They must be given equal opportunities to work and plan for their future without the fear of violence. We need to act and avoid the constant political rhetoric that has continued to fail our youth, including our young males.


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  1. My thinking may be unpopular, but I am willing to take blows. The most effective deterrent both for the long term and short term, is to have legislation in place that will instill fear in perpetrators of violent crime. The fear is in the punishment that will be meted when found guilty. ORC for example raised the eyebrows of criminals, and we immediately experienced drastic reductions in crimes. All actions taken, once within the law, must be taken with maximum force, if it means more recruitments and better tools to operate. Security forces anywhere operate in gangs. In order for the police to be effective as a unit, all the corrupt officers must be routed out. A police in uniform, in larger countries, draws respect. That respect is earned, by the manner they carry themselves and the no nonsense attitude they display when they carry their duties. This is the quickest method to reduce crime, in the short term. For the long term all of the above mentioned in the article.


  2. Single mothers, absentee fathers, lack of opportunities for recreation, lack if opportunities for post-secondary school education in the trades, one could go on and on.

    The bottom line is that it comes down to the need for basic family and societal values, something that has sorely degrade in our nation over the past 20 years.

    This, in combination with developments in our region have not helped matters, for example


    • Untrainable and untrained children, actually begetting more untrained and untrainable CHILDREN! That IS the problem. For those already in the drug business, clearly it is a business, it is already much, much too late for most of these children and families.

      The offspring, not knowing any better, will follow in the footsteps of those who gave birth to them. We cannot honestly call those who made them, parents. They themselves need training and actual parenting, if they have minds and brains that can receive that.

      It follows that, we have created and are creating generation upon generation of lost souls. We find members almost every week breathing on the sides of the road or in hospitals, on their last breaths with gunshot wounds.

      Tragically, some are even coming on social media to tell the rest of us, that they are going to take up arms to avenge the deaths of those who birthed them. We now have on our hands, generations already engaged in a vicious cycle of crime and gun violence. Sad. Very sad.

      Only the socialization of the citizenry, for high-paying jobs as alternatives can mediate this still unfolding doomsday scenario. We need to come to grips with reality.

      We have to drastically change course in our education system. Some so-called parents are useless as partners. Sadly, they do not know right from wrong. Some are not educated enough to know the difference. If for other CXC countries, the devil may care, let CXC know that for us Saint Lucians, the job it has been doing, and continues to do, dammit, is lousy.


  3. When I was born I met my dad bursting guns, growing up he was busting gun, he died defending him self with his nine, I'm not gonna sit there an allow no body to cut my life shot like they did my dad. I won't hesitate to use my gun either period. U think I can ever forget those theives from gross islet that killed my dad no way. All you day coming boy


  4. The problem is the people investigating the guns are the same people supplying them.. st.lucia needs an impartial 3rd party to handle all the corruption found on such a small island. It's infected all areas of govt and police.


  5. where are all those dam guns coming from...i bet you, we do have SOME law enforcement involve in this crap...yes i said it.
    some people know how those guns get on the island, when they come in, and who are bringing them in.


  6. I blame the parents. Some of them make children and have no interest in them after they are born. They let them run wild and free at all hours of the day and night from a tender age. Anything goes. They really need to start arresting/penalizing the parents when their young kids get into trouble - maybe that will help them to open their eyes.

    No matter your financial situation or where you live, it is not an excuse for your children to turn out to be criminals and thugs. Good manner and discipline are FREE.

    The kids get no discipline and guidance at home so they don't fear and respect their parents, they do not fear disappointing their parents. They go out there in society and exhibit the same behaviour towards their teachers and members of society. And so it continues. They do not know what it is to have respect for others, respect for authority etc. and they are so bold with their criminal behaviour it's scary.


  7. So we have not stopped praying for you since we first heard about you. We ask God to give you complete knowledge of his will and to give you spiritual wisdom and understanding.

    – Colossians 1: 9


    • The population is too large for the jobs that are available. A population of 125,000 would give almost full employment.


      • There is no way you can have full employment because the population in Saint Lucia is undereducated, no universities, so big companies will be forced to hire ppl from overseas. Most of the big jobs in the island are ocupied by foreigners..myself u are talking about small jobs, yes you will have full employment, but the goverment need to invest in education so their citizens have to get good jobs...either way you see it, you guys have to blame all the goverments or parties, none of them did a thing for the island...


  8. Looking on the brighter side, the more rotten-minded male animals get rid of themselves, the smaller the population. That makes it easier to take care of wider majority of law-abiding citizens. No IMPACS report will be needed. The Police will get a break.


  9. I wonder why? Could it be the problems in the judicial system, two thousand dollar fines by generous Magistrates or the ease of illegal gun imports. Coco could tell you that Miss Browne.


  10. Iv always been curious as to why young men want to be part of gangs , have weapons and proudly display their violent behavior ... when i ask most of them would say for protection and others would say if anyone try to disrespect them .. the reasons are petty i mean things can easily be avoided ... god hate violents the devil is taking over their minds .. they dont realise that they are killing their own kind we should all be a family we should love one another i mean we can ignore certain things people will always try to critisize you .. throw negative words at you but young men of saint lucia thats not the way .. people lives matter .. someone owes you? Learn from the mistake and dont lend them again be strong .. do not give the devil power over you to do his work ..


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