PRESS RELEASE: The Saint Lucia Labour Party calls on Government to provide clarification on Minister’s resignation

PRESS RELEASE: The Saint Lucia Labour Party calls on Government to provide clarification on Minister’s resignation

The Saint Lucia Labour Party has noted the statements made by former Senator and Minister in the Ministry of Agriculture, Jimmy Henry, indicating that he was resigning for “personal reasons” and by the statement by Acting Prime Minister Hon. Ezekiel Joseph accepting the resignation.

The SLP wishes to point out that under the Constitution, neither an acting PM nor Cabinet has the power or authority to accept the resignation of a Minister and therefore the acceptance by Hon. Ezekiel Joseph is null and void.

The SLP believes that the people of Saint Lucia require a full and unambiguous explanation on what transpired with the former Minister. Indeed, there has been neither a proper response nor denial to the fact that Mr. Henry was briefly detained and questioned at the GFL Airport whilst en route to a neighbouring Caribbean island.   

The SLP considers it highly unusual and unprecedented that the Prime Minister, already armed with the requisite information, chose not to address the nation on this serious matter before he proceeded on vacation leave.

Just as curious and unprecedented was the casual manner in which the government dismissed the story as fake news with the Acting Commissioner of Police seemingly suggesting that there was no issue or cause for concern with the activities of the Minister.  Yet, barely a day later, the Minister resigns.

The SLP believes that the conduct of a Minister and the use of privileges afforded to a Minister must always be above board and held to the highest standards. Accordingly, the Prime Minister must address the allegations made against the then Minister and his subsequent “resignation with immediate effect”. This is not a personal matter but instead one which impacts on the country’s national security.


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  1. This must, like those of the LPM, this man's farewell remarks. He is just talking to dummies, who would be incapable of seeing the emptiness and futility of this charade passing for a press statement. But there are so many. It actually pains to see the pathetic state of mindlessness of the public in this country.


  2. Give it up SLP - Thai fiction on a shit that's already down and over with dose not help to advance your cause. That's a stupid press reeleasel. No wonder you all cannot find new persons to join your party beyond your base


  3. Did Chastenet resigned?To me he couldn't run the country.Chastenet had a lot of difficulties with the budget.It was a nightmare as i noticed the female speaker of house was very disturbed with Chastenet's intervention.First,time in our political atmosphere to witness such kind of chaos.Sir John or Sir George Odlum would be so surprised to see how Chastenet run the country into a shameful outcome.Let us called another election to select or nominated someone more capable of doing what is necessary to make our country prosperous.Chastenet got lost in his efforts to guide us through prosperity.


  4. Give jack his jacket SLP is doing an amazing job in opposition. I think your'll finally found your'll place. Stay there.


  5. They have another one. Another joker, who is clueless about any particular part of the laws of Saint Lucia that may have been broken. So, like the stupid learnt from the British colonials, the job now is to oppose for opposing sake. If you have to talk shate whilst doing so, it does not really matter. But tell us this. What law did de man break? Give us all the details, by chapter and verse. If there is a case, then tell us what it is. Stop this rum shop style of politics. We are independent now. Go and learn something about what laws were broken, then come and tell us. SLP stop shooting shate. Grow up. Move on. When will you?


  6. All of that SLP claiming is necessary and all they want to know where was Kenny and SLP when Lucians begged for answers to:

    Hyatt and Roachmel and Fernwell

    All we got was a stony silence and disrespect. They (SLP) just believe Lucians are a stupid bunch of people to fool and disrespect. Keep them illiterate and in ignorance, unemployed so they can come begging for handouts in exchange for a vote.

    Look now we hear Kenny had a big forensic audit against Guy unknown to Lucians, costing big bucks and now the thing fall flat. but so disrespectful Kenny is he say he had nearly catch Guy but the elections saved him. So who called the elections? That's exactly how Kenny continues to insult our intelligence.


  7. Start thinking SLP, for Christ sake. The man has resigned. A resignation suggests one of two things. Either there is an element of truth to the story, or the man was simply embarrassed by the whole thing. Get a sense of focus. Think. Zero in on whether there was any real breach of any law or regulation. This would make much more sense than the hazy catch-all that has presented up there. What if the man can now turn around and sue for harm caused by 'detention' that was uncalled for? What SLP 'believes' as unusual and unprecedented is just propaganda. All of that tripe is for the very gullible. These foolish fish swallow the hook, line sinker and all.


  8. Just one of many SLP airhead politicos. You know what to expect before they even open their mouths. On what load of crap will they try replace the buzzing flies?


  9. At a meeting of any cabinet, mate looks like a sheep. I would be most astounded to learn that he brought any valuable experience or expertise to any of its decisions. But, in the SLP and generally in the cabinets of governments of Saint Lucia, we have full full of nom sans gwen.

    This one looks like just another. Give us a break young fella. Go and become very good at something important to Saint Lucia, and then come back. Ba bye. So long! Fare well!


  10. Does the constitution explicitly state that Mr. Acting PM did something illegal, or what was not permitted? If the constitution or the laws are silent, you bet that it is permitted. It is alright. Let us take it from here. Where is the SLP luminary on international law on this? All the SLP pawns are trying to make headlines in our local political game of chess nowadays. who do they intend to send in next, as the night's watchman? The usurper has tried, and just as often has failed


  11. Opposition party needs to channel their energy into helping with the crime fighting. Jimmy is gone, but the number of homicides is rising, unemployment is affecting our people and there is so much our country needs to advance economically. Please help us highlight those issues!

    Let's move on...


    • Chastenet claims to have the "know how". Now ask him to get cracking....time to deliver on his election campaign promises.

      Start by holding your PM accountable.


    • Are you a special kind of STUPID? Now you are saying that it is the opposition to aid in crime fighting- what is the role of the current govt? What is the role of a DPP? what is the role of the Min of justice? Tell your " party" to do their damn job and stop politicizing crime!! BTW- I voted for UWP and I want my vote back!!!!!


  12. o lord what more yal want. if neither an acting PM nor Cabinet has the power or authority to accept the resignation of a Minister and therefore the acceptance by Hon. Ezekiel Joseph is null and void then i believe any document signed or anything else done in the absence of the pm by the acting pm should be null an void also.
    when kenny had do his bobol with jufalli and none of us knew n were not gong to know you didnt call that null and void


    • These people like too much roro.they don't know that the only way they can come.back is if more votes count for them in the election
      Idiotes.thats they only way.that roro thing will not work it did not happen before it will not happen now. just ignore these barking dogs because they have no teeth


    • Dont worry with these red power hungry dogs go and do your buisines they cant harm you because they have no teeth


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