PRESS RELEASE: The Labour Party mourns the loss of its stalwart, Prisca Augustin

PRESS RELEASE: The Labour Party mourns the loss of its stalwart, Prisca Augustin

The Labour Party mourns the loss of Party Stalwart, Sister Prisca Augustin, from Marisule, Gros Islet who passed away on Thursday July 27 after a very brief period of illness.

Prisca Augustin’s membership in the Labour Party spans several decades, going as far back as the 60s and 70s when Gregor Mason served as a candidate for the SLP. From that time to her death, Prisca remained a loyal supporter of the Party, participating actively as an election campaigner and in some cases as a platform speaker for successive candidates of the Labour Party up to the 2016 campaign.

She remained particularly close to Sir Julian R Hunte, who served as Political Leader, candidate and Chairman of the SLP in the period dating back to 1987 through to his retirement as Chairman in 2015.

In Sir Julian’s own words: “Few people come close to Prisca’s selfless loyalty and dedication to our Party over many, many years. She had an astute understanding of the political landscape in Gros Islet and I trusted her guidance in the various campaigns which we fought together”.

Political Leader, Philip J. Pierre, speaks for the entire Party when he says: “The Labour Party will never forget Prisca Augustin’s persistent support through both the good times and the bad times. She cannot be replaced”.

Farewell Sister Prisca Augustin and may you forever rest in peace.


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  1. SO she was more SLP than SDA? Cause as if its The people Community Service uniform i see her wearing there ee


  2. Grant it to her. She may have been a enviable example of the near perfect sister, mother,aunt an so on. What would really distinguish this stalwart is what she stood for, in other words, what were the social causes she thought that the SLP would champion. If there were any, I would surely like to know how and when she did it. Again, she may have been a terrific person, mother and all that.
    . However, I believe that this is the main yardstick to objedtively measure her politcal life. Else, we may well be clebebrating a very strong commitment to.
    sociall dysfunctional yardfowlism.


  3. was she the one with step contract, nice work, plus contracts to construct drains and was bold enough to come on tv making noise about contracts being terminated hope people remember that clip


    • Everything about STEP is rotten to the core. There is no getting away from this. STEP and the SLP set Saint Lucia back nearly 40 years. Money, wasted lives and utter despair getting people to succumb to suicidal thoughts and activities, murders, drugs, gangs, ghettos and violence. Mad, seedless, socialist politicians.


      • WOW!! Another functional literate....give them a smart phone and they feel they are Derek Walcott reincarnated.


    • This is the most insensitive statement I have ever read on St.Lucia News online. (One Less Vote in Next elections) Who ever you are should really take that statement back .. You or even myself might be next in line for for our visitation from the Most High God.We really need to take stock of the things we say about each other.


    • My gosh! some of us are so heartless and cold. Children, grandchildren, siblings, and other relatives and friends are in mourning and these are the nature of the comments on the lady's passing. People, it does not have to be about politics every time. Jackie and the rest of the family, I wish you strength as you mourn the passing of a lady who was so deeply involved especially in church affairs and community. Sadly, she wont be picking flowers to decorate the church any-more. They will now be picked to be laid on the grave where she will remain until that Great Day. May her children emulate the life that she exemplified.


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