PRESS RELEASE: The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in St. Lucia commemorated the 206th anniversary of its Independence

PRESS RELEASE: The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in St. Lucia commemorated the 206th anniversary of its Independence

The team of Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Saint Lucia, spearheaded by Ambassador Leiff Escalona, paid tribute to the Venezuelan Liberator, Simon Bolivar, Wednesday 5th July on the occasion of the 206th anniversary of the declaration of Independence of Venezuela, at Plas Bideau in Castries.

The ceremony was attended by officials of the Government of Saint Lucia including H. E. Dame Parlette Louisy, the Governor General; His Lordship Peterson Francis, the Mayor of Castries; Hon. Andy Daniel, the President of the Senate; Hon. Leonne Theodore-John, the Speaker of the House of Parliament; ministers; the ambassadors of Argentina and Cuba; other members of the diplomatic corps accredited in Saint Lucia and resident Venezuelans.

Lady Janice Compton, the widow of Sir John G. M. Compton who was a prominent politician and is today the Father of the Nation of Saint Lucia, was the first to address the gathering reminding them that Venezuela and Saint Lucia has maintained a long and lasting friendship of co-operation for over 40 years.

Her message of solidarity and brotherhood to the Venezuelan people she stated the following:

“Today Venezuela like so many troubled places in the world is facing challenges and on his the 206 anniversary of Venezuela’s independence let us remember all who came before to create the bond that binds Venezuela and Saint Lucia. Let us pray for peace and for happier, healthier and more prosperous days for this country that has given so much to our country.”

The Governor-General of Saint Lucia, H.E Dame Parlette Louisy, who also addressed the gathering re-emphasized Lady Janice’s words, stating: “… that friendship of almost 50 years is something to be commended and lauded. The fact that we have this beautiful space in memory and in honour of two friends … the Liberator Simon Bolivar and a Saviour… Saint Lucia is therefore ideally positioned to celebrate with Venezuela their 206th Anniversary of Independence… I want to extend, on behalf of the Government and People of Saint Lucia, sincerest congratulations to the Government and People of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela on this wonderful occasion of their 206th Anniversary of Independence. May Venezuela prosper, may our friendship continue and we look forward to happier days…”

Ambassador Escalona, in her address reminded those present that in 1811, after more than three hundred years of colonial domination, Venezuela declared its will to be a free and independent republic.

She also highlighted the role of Commander Hugo Chavez, who was a firm believer in the ideas of Simon Bolivar, and with that spirit assumed the task of promoting social and political change in the country, for the well-being of the people: “for Chavez it was always clear that the integration flags of Bolivar and Miranda had to be lifted for the construction of a new empire-free world. Thanks to this commitment, we have today organizations such as ALBA, UNASUR, PETROCARIBE, CELAC and new visions in the various integration schemes.”

In addition, the Venezuelan diplomat explained that a new constitutional process is currently underway in Venezuela.

As was done in 1999, by then President Chavez, President Nicolás Maduro in exercising his mandate initiated the National Constituent Assembly process with the principal objective of preserving the peace and to expand and perfect the Venezuelan economic system thereby giving constitutional ranking to the social missions implemented by the Bolivarian Revolution, among other things.

“Today the people of Venezuela have the unwavering courage, loyalty and will to fight for peace. We will continue to promote and defend our most precious achievement, which is none other than National Independence, reinforced by the words of our Liberator Simon Bolivar, And I quote: “God grants Victory to Perseverance”.



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