PRESS RELEASE: “The Big Wood Man” is coming to San Soucis next month

Press release

big-wood-man-flyer-final-1The tradition of Ole Mas in Saint Lucia is one area that brings a unique identity to the Saint Lucia Carnival.

A majority of both carnival lovers and carnival detractors all testify to be always looking forward with anticipation to the amazing communication creativity, wit, humour, and popular entertainment that the Ole Mas players bring into the carnival year after year.

Framed by a themed placard, these usually individual characters parade the streets using unorthodox costuming, props, and popular theatre to amuse, entertain, educate, and inform the public. Their indigenous artistry is accessible and appreciated across all social barriers.

Kennedy “Boots” Samuel and Kendel Hippolyte are two iconic Saint Lucian theatre artists looking to extend the reach and impact of this powerful Saint Lucian Ole Mas tradition.

In this 2017 carnival season they are introducing a new original theatre concept which they have entitled “Ole Mas Theatre”. With a first production suggestively entitled “The Big Wood Man”, they bring an Ole Mas character and theme from the streets on to the formal theatre stage to dialogue on men in our society. A man is defined as “a human being with a wood”.

“The Big Wood Man” features on stage the performing skills of actor/director Kennedy “Boots” Samuel. It is directed by actor/director/writer Kendel Hippolyte. The production is scheduled to open at the CSA Centre on Friday 7th, and Saturday 8th July 2017. This will be followed by performances in selected communities across the island.

This first production of “Ole Mas Theatre” will be dedicated to the memory of deceased stalwarts of the Ole Mas tradition in Saint Lucia such as Athanasius Laborde, Billy Augustin, and Morgan George.

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    smh.i just cant understand why some of us are such hypocrits and smal minded in our society.before they hear a word affiliated with sex they all go crazy like they dont have a private part or they dont take part in sexual activities.come on people wake up and smell the coffee.what is big wood?we use mostly all the time in our vocabulary.some of them playing like they so perfect and holy and when they sit at work in the little corners at work,they talk about how their man have a big wood and well fu.....k them last night or the men will boast their wood and say how they well give it to so call person the last time and stuff like that happen on a daily why be so edgy about this and say the people have nothing good on their minds??it was well stated that parental discretion is i am guessing that it is a show for a bunch of adults who might want to gather together and catch a glad to release some of the stresses of life and enjoy a good laugh at the show and even learn something out of the show.why criticize and all that.some of them taking it all the time,even those that not theirs but when they finish they want to come play holy holy and hide behind the curtains and cast stones.a whole bunch of hippocritical fools.when the children at home at nights watching all kind of porns on the internet and on their phones sending all kind of naked pictures,they not seeing is them kind of activities they must try to curb down on at all.wake up people.i rest my case.

  2. Your Minds are corrupt this has nothing to do with what's on your mind. It's about "Old mass!!"

  3. These days every IDIOT is a critic. They even criticizing what they have not seen. Bunny wailer: See the hypocrite dem ah golang there.

  4. Im betting this has nothing to do with actual BIG WOOD.

  5. St.lucians are always quick to criticise each other and always slow to embrace and support each other..Guys keep up the great work.
    I'll be there to give my support.
    I can't wait.

    • Crown of Thorns

      Have you not realized that the worst critics always hide behind computer screens? Cowards they are.

  6. As open as I know I am, these guys means no good. The title says a lot and I can't imaging what the act will be like. I won't go and children should stay home.

    • I agree. This is a fine example of people using "culture" to create misconceptions and to give "mepris". For them, everything goes. Smart people will stay away, but, alas, curiosity and carelessness will drive many to this insultive spectacle.

      • This has nothing to do with persons who are smart or not smart. Adults go out and enjoy. Ofcourse, it is obviously for a mature audience. Those adults who pretend that the term "big wood" is offensive should get a life.My advice to you is to not have cable tv at your house.

        • But have we ever stopped to think that all this "mature audience" stuff which are impossible to hide from our children may be having a detrimental effect on the youth of the land. This may well be the case, whether the "mature audience" stuff is on TV, at the movies, or on the Internet. Even if these things already exist in large measure on these media, are we bound to consciously, purposefully and deliberately contribute to their ill effects ?

    • The show is for adults so if you are an adult and feel offended by some adult humour, thank you for staying home.

      We are such a hypocritical society. I hope when the American movies with nudity or any adult content are on, you turn off your tv. Please, don't spoil it for those of us who can handle it!


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