PRESS RELEASE: St Jude Hospital Vehicle Sales

PRESS RELEASE: St Jude Hospital Vehicle Sales


The Board of Directors of St. Jude Hospital is pleased to announce the sale of the following vehicles presently owned by the hospital.

The starting price for the vehicles are as follows:

2004 Isuzu Pickup # TD 9007 – $8,000.00
1995 Ford Ambulance # TG 9891 – $10,000.00
2003 Ford Ambulance # TJ 7963 – $10,000.00
2005 Toyota Townace Noah # 3474 – $10,000.00
2002 Nissan Coaster # SLG 957 – $12,500.00

The sale takes place on Friday 7th July, 2017 from 8:00 am, at St. Jude hospital (George Odlum Stadium – west wing). All sales will go to the highest bidder.

Vehicles can be inspected at the same location.


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  1. My thoughts exactly YoYo and Equality4all,

    What the hell is going on? Why is the Hospital SELLING it's ambulances and Who-the-Hell would want to buy an Ambulance (much-less-two) anyways?

    What are they going to do, start a part-time "mar-lay-way" ambulance service for the economically depressed citizens of St.Lucia?

    Sar-kway Tornerre!!!!


    • dont be so limited in ur thinking. just cause you wont buy it doesn't mean people wont, they can be bought for spare parts and i saw a man buy an ambulance it was a mitsubishi van and he cut it and spray it and turned it to a food truck but later used it for parts since he had similar vans.


    • LoLz...i was thinking same humour..i make a deal with them,provide me a convenient location on the castries gros islet hwy and i buying both of them....hehehe


    • you are right nissan dont make coaster, its toyota that makes coaster but the thing is since we accustomed of seeing these big vehicles we call anyone of them a coaster not knowing any better some of us.


  2. Only Rambally, Crick and Lazarus must buy those ambulances , too many dead memories. The starting price should be $5000 so more people can show up. This is an auction not a final sale.


  3. St.judes you all and !!! Those old vehicle for so much money . Wow . Hope those vehicles are properly sanitized. By the way , who's gonna buy a used ambulance?


  4. Ebeh look could a hospital sell out a main resource like not one but two ambulances?


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