PRESS RELEASE: Special needs children and families further marginalized?

PRESS RELEASE: Special needs children and families further marginalized?

We understand the program for the Assessment of Special Needs Children has been terminated and/or discontinued by the Ministry of Health & Wellness.

This special needs assessment was done by a trained Medical & Pediatric Professional contracted by the Government of St. Lucia through the Ministry of Health and Wellness. The evaluation is mandatory for each child who may display issues such as Health, Vision, Social and Emotional Development Challenges, Learning Disability, Poor Academic Performance, Underdeveloped Communication and Motor skills, etc.

The number of children on the waiting list for this program may well be in the hundreds, while there is a private entity offering the same services, many families cannot afford the fees as they must remain with their special needs child at all times, as some children require round the clock care or cannot attend school without the assessment report.

We, therefore call on the Hon. Allen Chastanet, Prime Minister & Minister for Finance, Sen. Mary Isaac, Minister for Health and Wellness, Hon. Dr. Gale T. C. Rigobert, Minister for Education and Hon. Lenard Montoute, Minister for Equity, Social Justice and Empowerment, to reinstate this program, for the benefit of poor struggling mothers at the earliest.

The termination of this program further marginalizes special needs children, specifically those whose parents are poor, underprivileged, unemployed, underemployed, rural and struggling.


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  1. The number of children on the waiting list for this program may well be in the hundreds" , my sear if you don't know, dont write to emotionalize us. Is it in the hundred or not? one hundred and 2 is in the hundreds you know.
    Now i do see your point that the SN kids need to be screened. But it does seem that we have alot that is free. I myself never heard of the program and who know I may have an SN child someday. But we cant however expect the gov't to provide EVERY service to the people. We cannot oppose the cutting of every program, as not all programs are merited. Likewise, the gov't cannot discontinue all programs it thinks if not needed, as some may be essential. I cannot give a final judgement as I havent heard all the fact.
    As I know the leader of this group is good at skewing fact, ill wait for the chips to fall as they may still.


  2. Raise your voice stop disseminaring information that is not correct. I just heard on DBS from Ms. Mc Donald that is not the case. Please always call to ensure what you putring out is correct because you guys could have checked with Min of Health


  3. Raise your voice what do you mean by 'we understand'. Is that correct and factual information you are disseminating? You should be able to have verified before pronouncing. 'We understand" is always a subtle cheap way to push information in most cases for purposes of confusion.

    Another information site categorically denies your release.


  4. In the wild.... the old, young and disabled animals are always the first to be eaten by the predators.
    Shall we say that maybe.... we're in the wild?
    we do not care about the weaker among us.

    BUT..... sooner or later we will all someday belong to that weaker group.. through sickness, aging, or however.. then let us see how we like being shafted


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