PRESS RELEASE: Soca and Calypso Final Results

PRESS RELEASE: Soca and Calypso Final Results

microphoneA number of competitions were held this past weekend to determine the finalists of both the Groovy and Power Soca Monarch Competition and the National Calypso Monarch. Both shows will be held during the main weekend of national activities, spanning July 14 to July 16.

The National Calypso Monarch Competition is being held on Saturday July 15 from 8pm and will see the following finalists in what will be a keenly contested battle.

In alphabetical order:

1. Educator – Ambassadors Calypso Tent
2. Herb Black – TOT Village
3. Journalist – South Calypso Tent
4. Mighty Pep – Ambassadors Calypso Tent
5. Morgie – TOT Village
6. Nintus – South Calypso Tent
7. Oshun – South Calypso Tent
8. Ready – Ambassadors Calypso Tent
9. Solange – Ambassadors Calypso Tent
10. TC Brown – Ambassadors Calypso Tent

The Groovy and Power Soca Monarch will sound off on Sunday July 16 from 8pm with the following confirmed finalists, listed in alphabetical order:


1. Brandon Harding
2. Da Great White
3. Esteban
4. Hollywood HP
5. Kisha
6. Nerdy and Shemmy J
7. Q-Pid
8. Ricky T
9. Sergie
10. Siah


1. CJ
2. Ezra d’Fun Machine
3. Kisha
4. Mac 11
5. Mantius
6. Mr X and Hyper D
7. Ricky T
8. Subance
9. Tk Da Boss
10. Top Cat – Sway

The venue for all shows from July 14 to 16 is The Sab Playing Field (formerly The Vigie Playing Field).


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  1. Where is ti carro. I would never place morgee before ti carro. Morgee uses little to no satire in his kaiso, nothing to make you wonder. All he does is entertain. Sorry judges you got it all wrong. I would even put little nick before him too.

    Aben bon judges you'll need retraining. Awa wi


  2. Why the Sab. This is a residentisl area. Please please reconsider the Venue. Three nights in a row. Oh no.



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