PRESS RELEASE: SLUSH announces Myst, the ultimate Carnival cool-down experience

PRESS RELEASE: SLUSH announces Myst, the ultimate Carnival cool-down experience

St.-Lucia-Carnival-FestivalOver the last 6 years, SLUSH has earned recognition as a reputable go-to hub for the island’s entertainment buzz.

Providing promotion and coverage of major events, the SLUSH brand quickly became associated with quality events of a high standard. SLUSH has expanded to include event hosting and remains dedicated to refreshing the island’s event offerings, exploring new ideas and introducing St. Lucians to experiences they did not know they craved.

For the 2017 Carnival season, SLUSH presents Myst; the ultimate Carnival cool down Experience slated for Tuesday, 18th July, 2017 at Beach Park, Sunny Acres.

The increase in violence during past Carnival seasons has led the authorities to shut down the road parade by 6 pm, as a means of crime mitigation and prevention, ensuring the safety of revellers and spectators.

The sting of this precaution is especially felt on last lap day, which marks the end of the season and the beginning of the year long wait for the next Carnival.

Myst is the perfect pacifier to relieve this disappointment, with the best in musical entertainment from local and regional DJ’s, a Detox Zone complete with coffee, soup, water, drinks, foot massages from The Foot Spa by Shoe Rehab and MIST! Lots of mist to cool down and feel refreshed for more feting.

Early bird tickets are now available for $50 for revellers and $65 for non-revellers. Purchase your Myst tickets from The Cell, Shoe Rehab, Snapper’s International, Spritz Hair Studio, Quick Delivery, and

SLUSH takes this opportunity to thank our sponsors Shoe Rehab, The Wave, Angostura Lemon Lime Bitters Coco Palm Resort, Landmark Events, Island Tribe, Crystal Clear & Doodle Interactive


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