PRESS RELEASE: SLP supports Hon. Shawn Edward

PRESS RELEASE: SLP supports Hon. Shawn Edward

The Saint Lucia Labour Party denounces the latest attempt by the UWP to sully the reputation of the former Minister of Youth and Sports and the Parliamentary Representative for Dennery North, Hon Shawn Edward and some former board members of the National Lotteries Authority.

The SLP maintains that Hon Shawn Edward did NOT in any way jeopardise the integrity and accountability of the NLA but instead enhanced and developed the Youth and Sports fraternity in Saint Lucia.

The SLP notes that it was the ‘Minister’s Account’ that supported Ms Julien Alfred in advancing to winning a gold medal at the 2017 Commonwealth Youth Games. Further, several other sports persons benefitted from similar type assistance.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party instead believes that the Prime Minister should explain to the people of Saint Lucia the sudden retreat, under questionable circumstances of Jimmy Henry from the Cabinet of Ministers.


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  1. By all accounts, it would seem that there are some serious peculiarities occurring at the National Lotteries Authority during the last administration. What very interesting thing is that it seems that these labour party people never thought that they would be kicked out of power and have to service their mortgages and Audi payments on their own. There should be a police investigation, as well as charges brought not only to the minister, but to the board, as well as the beneficiaries. The labour party is actually showing support for questionable actions which may have occurred under this guy, while running a statutory corporation. Have they asked him about the inconsistencies? Does it even matter? Its things like this which cause parties to be out of power for 30 years while chastanet runs the country properly.


  2. The SLP notes that it was the ‘Minister’s Account’ that supported Ms Julien Alfred in advancing to winning a gold

    1. Why the heck are you taking a young sportswoman's victory and mingling that with your politics?? Leave the young girl's name out of it.

    2. Are you acquiescing that the account exists as alleged? If it was wrong, would an appropriated gold medal make it right?

    this statement is wrongly written. my gosh this press officer needs to be changed. this piece could have been written with so much more class and conviction.


  3. The PM Chastanet is the biggest thiiiiii. Corruption and conflict of interest all the way.... Don't ask about his favorite minister; Guy Joseph, he should have been in jail


  4. so wait, is SLP saying that if someone wins a gold medal then the "minister's account" is justified??? this is rediculous. so steal all you want but if one or two st lucians gain from it then it is deemed ok to do???? awa SLP yall should have NEVER made such a statement.


  5. Different day same old shit. Politicians are never held accountable for any wrong doings in this poor state of ours. Everything is always speculation or rather alleged. Yet still such stories continue to surface. Ironically, if a poor man has such allegations brought against him he is considered a thief in the eyes of society, but when someone of the so called hierarchy suffers the same fate it is considered misappropriation of funds.

    I am of the opinion that we the people need to take a stand and ensure that such allegations be investigated thoroughly and with due diligence. As too often such cases have been thrown out the door.

    I am not in a position ro judge anyone.... but I will say this no matter the administration, such crimes always emerge after the fact.


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