PRESS RELEASE: SLP condemns non-funding of CARIFESTA



The Saint Lucia Labour Party is alarmed at statements made by Minister for Local Government and Culture, Hon Fortuna Belrose, indicating that artistes from Saint Lucia wanting to participate in CARIFESTA in Barbados in August will not be fully financed by government.

The SLP notes that when in government, it appreciated the value of the arts to Saint Lucia and the hard work and commitment of the artistes and therefore funded the total cost of Saint Lucia’s participation in CARIFESTA.

Said SLP’s spokesman for culture Hon Jerome Gedeon, “we believe that the government does not have its priorities right. No effort should be spared to encourage our artistes to excel and display their talents to the world. Government should re-consider how it uses taxpayers’ money and stop the unnecessary spending like the excessive travelling of government ministers. I am calling on the government to support and fund the cost of the CARIFESTA contingent as was done by the SLP government.”

Sen Gedeon added “when one considers the treatment of the National Trust, the closing of the Dereck Walcott House and the uncertainty surrounding the Cultural Complex, we can infer that the UWP government has scant regard for the arts and heritage of Saint Lucia.”

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  1. Too many graduates believe that after they have made their wrong decisions about what to study, it is the duty of governments to reward them. Governments or parties must give them do no work jobs, in order that they can pay their loans etc. This is wrong. This is unfair to the taxpayers.

    Think ahead. Study something where there is a societal need. Make your own job opportunities. Stop fleecing the public.

    A lot of these do-nothing politicians just join parties simply to pay their bills. The party wins and they get paid for doing practically nothing.

    The public must become aware of all of this pappyshow politics going around. This foolishness has been going around for much too long. This nonsense must stop.

  2. Some people have convinced themselves that we are all STEP gardeners and wayside grass cutters. These stupid politicians around here believe that once something gets to be a press release, ipso facto it become truth. Their dummy followers and tupid educational institutions they went to, must have made them believe this crap.

    Look at it. Right here, after shooting all that gloom and doom shate, there was not one scintilla of evidence that any of this is fact based. Without costs, without benefits, without positive and negative externalities costed, just mere utterances from on high, is all the proof that is needed. Really?

    Some of these people are still pruning bananas trees in their minds. Someone please tell them that this is no longer the dumb-ass colonial period. This is the 21st century.

  3. On this trajectory that this one is on, the future of the SLP is going to be on, the production of jackass politics. No data. No analysis. Just shoot the expected usual shate to followers. After all, especially when bussed around the island, just like Castro's rent-a-crowd, they are always a captive audience.

  4. It is rather comical, that a new face of the SLP would go down the same road as the tired old horses that the electorate just put out to pasture. How in this day and age, that you have darn point to make about expenditure and you are so ignorant of the amount under discussion.

    You are talking finance and its implications. Yeah? Yet, the bloke has no blasted statistics about the amount of money in question. Nor is there any word on the amount the country is going to lose, by not financing this CARIFESTA joy ride. Who the heck the bloke thinks he is talking to? Only those who are just and best able to cut grass for a living?

    This is real tosh! More jackass SLP politics ahoy?

    Who the heck is he talking to? Is it the large numbers of hotel workers with their new uniforms? They now have wear their new clear plastic handbags stemming from the SLP Labour Code? Or, is it to the mass of SLP losers from STEP?

    This Cheshire Cat, when the remove this story from the SNO pages, will have burnt its grinning teeth on the spot, to remain there, long after it has been removed. Why is this beautiful country cursed with so many idiots?

  5. Next time, the UWP must put a placeholder $1.00 for a subvention. This will signal to the SLP to find the money to fund the venture during the fiscal year.

    Now, alternatively, they can produce another 5% circus and town-halls to collect $100 bills from those wearing red shirts at each venue. It is all good and well, as long as taxpayers are not paying for any of SLP's pappishows.

  6. If only members of the SLP had any more than just a superficial understanding of business and economics. If so, they would not so oftentimes find themselves trotting out these truckloads of complete drivel.

    Why blame their consistent foolishness on anything else, when abysmal ignorance will do? Take this for a sample. Frenwell and the country lost $48 million. We got 600 jobs for this at a job creation rate of $80,000 per job. Take out your calculator.

    No sane human resource department remains in business when it has to spend $80,000 each time to develop one single job. Answer me this. How many workers get on average $6,666.66 ($80,000/12) per month in Saint Lucia?

    Take Black Bay lands. Unencumbered patrimony and real estate valued at $86 million was lost. Then that had to be repurchased for an additional $86 million. The return on investment in both cases? Nada, of course.

    Take a hold of this. We have Grynburg. That SLP underhand deal cost the taxpayers $150 million dollars. We had zero return on investment again. But that is not all. It has not been quantified, but it is understood that the taxpayers of Saint Lucia may still have to fork out perhaps $500 million in penalties plus additional legal fees before this becomes finally settled.

    Were you counting my friend? The SLP chalked up over $400 million in outlays for zero return on investment. There is still an additional $500 million hanging like the sword of Damocles over our heads as a penalty. Yes, again for zero return on investment.

    These fellows do not know the first damn thing about finance. They lack any kind credibility. They are all jokers.

    Imagine that there singular and spectacular piece of economic policy achievement was this. We had transfers from the national coffers annual sums as downpayments for future votes, and for non-work jobs for supposedly cutting grass in STEP.

    Can you have another set of clueless novices telling you about how to spend money again? Why we have to put on austerity measures in place? These people mortgage the future of young Saint Lucians by losing money consistently in geometric pattern.

    Every financial blundering was twice as large the previous! The entire SLP Cabinet went mum on this for 15 long years!

    They were tight-lipped. Can you repose any confidence in such a bunch of financially clueless people? Cn you trust such people when they come to you talking about money.

    • The SLP is grotesquely, both morally bankrupt and intellectually bankrupt.

      They keep on playing on, and exploiting the ignorance of the mass of their semi-educated followers. See the broad mass of exploited hotel maids, now needing to go to work with 'clear bags', and mass of grass cutters they have created as a labour force.

      • This dog knows not how to hunt. It seems to have no deep understanding of how to run any type of business successfully.

  7. Most politicians sooner die than think.

    In fact, most do, especially right here in Saint Lucia. That is why we had one telling people to reelect him and he would health care the number one priority.

    My God! UWI produced that.

  8. Free riders. That is what SLP is all about. See that smiling puss? Head full of **it. Take your money and fund it, if is that important to you.

    Why didn't SLP seek donations for the 5% circus and clown acts around the country with the Civil Servants pay? You could have made a solid contribution with that circus?

    Just like the election loss, you did not see that one coming either?

    How come all those groups have not put on qualifying rounds of shows and acts? Moneys comes from Heaven, clowns?

    You lazy bastard Saint Lucians are always looking for a freeness. Politicians, especially, why don't you work your tails off for what you want for a change?

  9. Who is that one?

    • Is he a Saint Lucian? Is he Saint Lucian born? Him sound like a country bookie trying to make an impression.

      • And you are a city rat

        • Yes, a very proud Castries Harbour Wharf rat. I loved the Prince Albert Basin. That was destroyed. Ugh! The good old days. There was less pollution, even when the Flight, and Lady Joy used to be tied there.

  10. Are you serious gedeon really what do you know about carifesta what do you know about funding carifesta you a new kid on the block stay in you'd section
    I recall with directors of culture in Alvin Hippolyte and Jacquie's Compton the teams presentation at carifesta was unveiled to the public at a cost these funds was used to off set the cost of travel
    Do you have any idea what they will be presenting under which umbrella they will be traveling
    Do you have any idea of the composition of the team
    What does carifesta bring to the coffors of the government
    We keep crying that things are hard
    We keep hearing that we in financial debt get WD are asking the government yo increase that debt
    Its time to trim the fat
    All these activities that bring nothing yo the table from them
    We need to make some sacrifices

  11. Those freaking politicians in diapers don't know bull foot from bull cow about managing money, and far less about managing a flipping budget. Yet, those grown up children are giving hard ass opinions about managing the country's expenditures. Some people are so full of sh**.

    If the country is facing financial difficulty, when it is at the same time, easing the tax burden so as to increase economic activity, then a prudent financial manager of any enterprise, cuts all or most non-productive or non-money earning activities, with financial outlays such as CARIFESTA.

    It is the people's money, not that empty-headed blowhard's money that is involved here. The national Treasury is no longer the SLP's Slush Fund, nor SLP's Piggy Bank for foolishness like frequent-flyer miles to see Brother Fidel Castro.

    Expenditure on CARIFESTA brings no damn immediate flow of revenue into Saint Lucia's coffers. Only limited jackass people and morons could ever think otherwise. Trim the fat. Cut out the waste. Cut out CARIFESTA. This should never have ever been a damn government-funded programme in the first place.

    • And what about carnival? This year we are pumping MORE tax dollars into that rum and wine party, and we are extending it to three weeks, from two weeks. Who will calculate the profit?

    • And what about carnival? This year! We are spending more tax dollars for the wining street party, and we have increased the fete to three weeks, from two weeks. Who will calculate the profit?

      • So doesn't Carnival attract economic activity? Idiot, that's what we were talking about, not your convoluted, fool hardy topic of politics.

        Don't live up to your name Idiot.

        • Of course it does. But tell us the profitable story afterwards. Convince us that this spectacle creates profit at the different levels of human engagement. I make no apology for being political, and I have every intention of staying on my political course, in the interest of good governance. One thing you should know, is that I do not care one rat's arse about you and the people whose interest you wish to serve. So, according to Jook Bois, you can "toof". My head eh hot !

          • Yes, well I can always follow your logic and just ban Carnival too, but you may be the same one arguing later that Carnival is our culture so why do that to culture. Obviously, everything that the government does may not be profitable, but some things need to be properly assessed. I think that it is also wrong to assume that the government or PM has implied that every thing should be profitable. An obvious analysis would be that one would not take out Carnival because it does contribute to people getting money in their pockets from all walks of life from whatever activity. Therefore we can say that the government has created an environment for economic activity.
            However, with Carifesta there is no criteria for selection of people nor exhibition theme or even economic activity. So why should you donate taxpayers to something like that? Simple point, the government has said if they come up with some the funds the government can meet them somewhere. Is that too much to ask?

            Politics has nothing to do with that, however, that is why we voted for change: to see some change and logic in the thinking. Not just wasting taxpayers dollars because its traditional. So stop questioning logic just say thank you and lets move on.

  12. You can see that one is all wet behind the ears. It has not even lost its acne face. Little wonder it is in so much deep shit. That is why so much or it is coming from all its orifices. SLP shoot shater.

  13. Very good point
    It's like the current administration show very little regard to local culture, the entertainment industry and local artists
    All they concern is tourism
    Is that the only important thing in St.lucia

  14. SLP there is a simple resolution. Shove your hands into your wallets and put out some Jafalli money and fund it, stupes.

    You left the country's budget in tatters. Yet you keep on shooting your usual shate. You have no darn control of the national budget. So shut the hell up, you clowns.


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