PRESS RELEASE: Saint Lucia readies to welcome gold winning Commonwealth team home!

PRESS RELEASE: Saint Lucia readies to welcome gold winning Commonwealth team home!
Beach Soccer National Team - Saint Lucia
Beach Soccer National Team – Saint Lucia

The Government of Saint Lucia has once again extended congratulations to Team Saint Lucia, following a second Gold Medal win at the Commonwealth Youth Games in The Bahamas.

Saint Lucia defeated Trinidad and Tobago 6-2 in the Beach Soccer final on July 22nd 2017 with Linus Clovis reportedly scoring four goals and Zaine Amedee and Dillon Fanis scoring the other two winning goals. On Thursday July 20th 2017, sprinter Julien Alfred won our country’s first Gold medal at the Commonwealth Youth Games in the girl’s 100m final by running a time of 11.56 seconds.

Speaking at Monday’s pre-Cabinet briefing, Acting Prime Minister and Minister for Equity, Social Justice and Empowerment, Honourable Lenard Montoute, said that the entire team deserved a heroes’ welcome for this being the country’s best showing at the Commonwealth Youth Games.

“I take this opportunity to congratulate our football team who won the Gold medal in beach football, having defeated Trinidad and Tobago,” stated the Acting Prime Minister.

“This is a wonderful accomplishment as a result of an outstanding performance on their part. Saint Lucia, so far having two Gold medals at the Games, is the best performance at the Games and as a Government we compliment our young athletes and I say on behalf of the Government and the People of Saint Lucia our heartfelt congratulations to Ms. Julien Alfred who won the 100 meter and our football team who won the beach football. We look forward to welcoming them home and to giving them the hero’s welcome that they deserve.”

The Acting Prime Minister called on all Saint Lucians to rally around the 23-strong Saint Lucia Team along with officials who are expected home later this week.


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  1. Congratulations young men. I am happy to see a positive story on our young men. Keep working hard, the positive Lucians are proud of you.


  2. Good job guys,keep on reaching to the sky.proud of you guys,may God blessing be upon you all and the Country.


  3. Really we have the make up and talent in our athletes known or unknown. It is a question of harnessing their talent through proper coaching and the requisite facilities.

    Often it hurts to see our athletes with sincere intentions and determination competing but severely disadvantaged by the fact that their opponents are much better prepared than ours. The sports administrators must stop playing around and put the emphasis and money where it will count that is in our athletes and not in them running around and turning up en masse at games and enjoying the good life.


    • i support your comment. it was the very same thing i said to someone. the female who won the 100m, it was revealed she trains in Jamaica. my question is would she have performed the same if she trained in st lucia. so the sport people have to do better with the training which is given on island here in St Lucia. we should not depend or even allow our athletes to be going overseas for training etc. they shoul dbe proud to say they trained at home aka SLU. alot of the time athletes go overseas and thats when you hear their performance has improved.
      if we want to grow our own foods to eat, lets grow our own talents to compete.


  4. We have at last, a winning team! We can do it. You people proved it.

    Let's keep an eye out for our winners. Sponsor them. Encourage them.

    Thanks a billion Team Saint Lucia! Grow from strength to strength.


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