PRESS RELEASE: S.C.S.S Class of 2000 donates to the Soufriere Public Library

PRESS RELEASE: S.C.S.S Class of 2000 donates to the Soufriere Public Library

The Soufriere Comprehensive Secondary School- Class of 2000, makes the annual Summer School program of the Soufriere Public library even more special.

The group Co2, as they call themselves, made a generous donation of a flat screen TV and DVD player to the library this week.

“This gift was one much needed and timely for the summer school program” said Mrs. Catherine Prospere, Administrator of the Soufriere public library.

The past students of the Soufriere Comprehensive Secondary School urged the children at the summer program to become helpful and responsible citizens.

The Co2 group remains ever committed to supporting everything that is education oriented in their community, particularly touching the lives of children.


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  1. I applaud these students from Soufriere Compre. I am from VFort and I am a hustler with 2 very discipline children. I see students and other concerned community conscious people making an effort to help the unfortunate in their community. It does not happen in VFort. I wish I could have afforded to send my kids to a camp this summer. there is none I know of for free. That is why I get very upset when I hear or read about the VF4Cs (VFCCCC) who pretends to be concerned about he people of VFort. They heard government bringing DSH to Vfort they hypocritically came from out of nowhere as being concern about the people. For the public's information, the last "C" stands for "CHANGE" and the group was initially form by the SLP supporters who wanted to CHANGE the MP, Kenny Anthony.
    Again, I want to say "BRAVO" to these students in Soufriere. Keep it up.


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