PRESS RELEASE: Provisional Club License awarded to clubs

PRESS RELEASE: Provisional Club License awarded to clubs

FIFA and CONCACAF, in an effort to regulate the manner in which clubs function in the world of football have recently decided to have all recognized football clubs from around the world apply for a FIFA Club License.

Through this process, the international governing body of football would be able to determine a club’s financial status, football philosophy and general modus operandi.

The club would be formerly registered with FIFA and would, through the adherence of international football law, be eligible to legally compete in international club friendlies, function independently in the international transfer window and participate in national competitions sanctioned by their respective football association.

FIFA and CONCACAF have gone about sensitizing the clubs on this move through their member association. Hence, over the past three years, the SLFA has invested heavily in sensitizing their affiliates on the importance of the club license and encouraging them to apply and fulfil the requirements of club licensing.

The initial phase of the application process gathered momentum in 2016 when the SLFA conducted numerous club licensing workshops, educating club administrators on phase one of the application process. A deadline was set in December of 2016 for the submission of all hard copy application to the Saint Lucia Football Association. By the commencement of the following year, 105 clubs had properly filled out applications for the FIFA Club License.

The SLFA, stoic on its commitment to assist clubs in meeting FIFA’s club license requirements conducted several grassroots workshops to revamp and in some cases to initiate grassroot programs in clubs. Also, CONCACAF D-License courses were held in Saint Lucia to assist clubs with acquiring coaches who were licensed (one of the requirements of the club licensing program).

By March of 2017, the SLFA moved into phase two of the licensing process. This phase required that applicants filled out additional documentation online. This online application, which was then submitted directly to CONCACAF had to correspond with the hardcopy documentation brought into the SLFA by the clubs.

After cross checking the two submissions, CONCACAF has awarded provisional club licenses to 31 clubs in St. Lucia. The clubs in possession of a provisional license will have until the end of 2017 to meet the additional requirements of the process. Once every realistic requirement of the licensing process is fulfilled, these clubs will be handed their official FIFA Club Licenses.

The other 74 clubs which did not receive the provisional license still have the opportunity of achieving this certification. The online forms must be completed and submitted for cross checking before provisional licenses can be provided to such clubs.

On Thursday July 27th 2017, the SLFA will host a presentation ceremony at the conference room of its headquarters to recognize the clubs which have achieved the provisional license.

The ceremony will commence at 4 p.m. and the successful clubs shall be presented their certificates.
Below is the list of recipients of the Provisional Club License:

Young Roots F.C. Big Players F.C. Massey Northern United, Survivals F.C. Rovers United, RV Juniors, Ciceron Seagulls United, Platinum F.C. Sun Risers F.C. Challengers Sports & Social Club, CT Foundation F.C. Rising Stars Youth & Sports Club, Young Rockers F.C. Young Strikers Youth & Sports Club, El Ninos F.C. Monarch Sports & Cultural Club, D.X. United, True Glory Movement, Lumbard Youth & Sports Club, Piton Travel Young Stars Sports Club, Pioneers F.C. Valley Soccer, Uprising United F.C.

Lacourville Football Club, GMC United, Young Roots F.C. Vempers Sports Athletic Dramatic Club, Cool Breeze Challengers, Black Panthers Sports Club, Boboville Sports Club, F.A.Y. Stars Youth & Sports Club, Diamond Ballers F.C.


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