PRESS RELEASE: Prime Minister CIP announcements raises more questions than answers


SLPThe Saint Lucia Labour Party is raising questions regarding announcements made in Geneva last week by Prime Minister Allen Chastanet in relation to the operations of the Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP).

The SLP is concerned that the international media is carrying statements made by the Prime Minister but which statements are not consistent with the laws of Saint Lucia.

Firstly, the Prime Minister announced that if citizenship is obtained through the CIP and that person later has children, their descendants can apply for citizenship as well.

The SLP says the Laws of Saint Lucia do not allow for granting citizenship in such circumstances. The law presently only allows for one generation only, to inherit citizenship by descent. A descendent of a person who has been granted citizenship through the CIP cannot pass on citizenship to their children.

These children must be born in Saint Lucia to be granted citizenship. The SLP calls on the Prime Minister to explain his statements and whether there is an intention to change the laws of Saint Lucia to allow for what he announced.

Secondly, the Prime Minister must explain what is meant when he stated Government will be paying a guaranteed commission to all registered agents promoting the US$100,000 donation option. The SLP notes that there are only nine (9) registered agents, who according to the CIP Guidelines must be Saint Lucian and Saint Lucia based, and whose role is to submit applications to the CIP Unit and who are paid by the applicants.

The Prime Minister needs to, therefore, explain why his announcement was not made in Saint Lucia to these agents and whether he has already approved for foreign-owned companies to now become registered agents.

Thirdly, the Saint Lucia Labour Party is asking the Prime Minister to explain how much money the Government of Saint Lucia will retain on each passport and, more importantly, how is the CIP revenue being used.

The SLP notes that the Regulations were changed on January 1, 2017 to allow the CIP Unit to retain $20,000 on each donation made for marketing and promotional purposes yet to date no information has been given as to how these monies will be used. Then the global marketing agencies are to be paid $10,000 for the same marketing and promotional work. And with announcements last week of a guaranteed payment to each registered agent, said to be another $10,000, it means that the Government will only receive $60,000 for each citizenship granted through donation.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party is strongly condemning this cheapening of the Citizenship Programme and once more calls on the UWP Government to restore the original arrangements which ensured that the Programme was a well- respected programme for value, security, due diligence and exclusivity.

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  1. Kwayorl is their first language. So what did you expect? Country bookies have a hard time understanding English.

  2. SLP retards. You cyan understand English, too?

  3. Firstly the SLP is not concise and may be incorrect when it comes to the citizenship question. If the PM said that descendants of CIP citizens can "apply" does that mean that they automatically granted citizenship? To me the SLP is trying to confuse the story. I also think the PM was making that statement in the sprit and context of the laws of St. Lucia and this is always a presumption when a PM or any Minister speak. So how comes the SLP would only think of the context of the statement as being in the "illegal" realm?

    Next point. Does the PM have to make these statement in St. Lucia? For all I know CIP was never launched in St. Lucia by the SLP so why this press release? Is the SLP trying to brainwash the unsuspecting people? People must realize that the SLP in opposition has nothing to loose and everything that the government says or does will be used as a point of contention, thus spreading discontent and anger.

    We should push back against that type of behavior by the SLP and their surrogates because this press release seems to me pointless. Its just based on innuendos and a hope that it will stick or play on the minds of the less educated.

    • SLP created generations of idiots. They work best when cutting grass. That is all they are good for. That is their highest level of work other than selling or taking drugs. SLP. the party for ghettoes and plywood ghetto housing.

  4. straight SHOOTER


    • Request to UWP :
      Listen to the people and kill the DHS deal.
      Restore CIP to the original state
      Replace the PM with Stephenson King or Gale Rigobert.
      This is the only way to restore calm in St Lucia. If you don't this unrest will continue and get worse.

    • All hell is breaking loose in St Lucia. Murders are up, people's homes are being broken into, no water in Vieux Fort, and the PM is busy flying to different countries at our expense selling St Lucian citizenships as if that is the only way to raise money. When will this stop?
      Allen Chastanet you need to stay home in STL and address the problems. Restore the CIP and cancel the DSH agreement. Stop selling our Patrimony. St Lucia is only 238 square miles. Why are trying so hard to make us a minority group?

  5. SLP introduced this selling of sovereignty without consulting the people, they just shoved this down our throats, so whatever chastanet do with CIP I can only blame kenny and co cause this should have never ever ever been our policy...but to hear Kenny talk about never wanting cip in the first place and now this press release i can only say that these labour fellas are a bunch of jokers who have little credibility to me.

    • Stop dwelling on Kenny Anthony. He had his chance and he failed miserably. There are new leaders in the SLP and elsewhere.
      There are St Lucians overseas who are willing to come home and serve as advisers. They can create an Advisory Group (Think Tank) and help the country for free. These are professionals with a wide range of experience in engineering, business, economic development, law enforcement etc. who are willing to give back.
      Let's put pressure on the current Government to reach out to them.

      • "Doctor Politics" have always posed a danger to West Indian countries. We had this SLP crap for 15 long years.

        Fifteen long friggin years of SLP paper degrees without intelligence, and without foresight. What a damn curse!

      • You are doting senile idiot. Since when do country bookies know anything about how the world works?

        The SLP is overloaded with country bookies. They cannot see anything ahead of them anywhere past their nose holes.

      • You idiot. Read widely for a change. Stop being a political prostitute.

  6. The PM is poorly educated, incompetent, has no common sense and does not understand business and the economy. Before it is too late, please replace him with Stephenson King or Gayle Rigobert. The future of our country is at stake. The CIP should be restored to it's original terms and evaluated every year.

  7. for development

    slp yall really need to relax before yall get hurt in that PJP and ernest yall will get whats coming to yall remember yall have children.

  8. How in the world was this dumb man selected to be Prime Minister of St. Lucia. Most Lucians that I know are smart people; Allen Chastanet must be the only exception. The man will ruin our country.
    A St Lucian citizenship at that ridiculously low price. Do you know how many people would pay $200K -$500k for an opportunity to be a citizen of our beautiful country. Our ancestors must be furious. UWP elected representatives please call an emergency meeting and remove this jackass. One of you must be smart enough to take over as Prime Minister.

    • Chronic instability

      How Moduro'sclone/Kennydelenoreanthony ever elected as prime minister? A man who has no reason to ever run a country, but was given a party and the reigns, yet did very little with 20 years at the helm. He will have no legacy, neither will pip or juffali jr. You people are winning no elections any time soon. Go sit down somewhere. Stop with the press releases, the person writing them is unstable and should stop operating from a statutory body.

      • If you have no meaningful contributions to assist others to understand and clarify their thinking on the issue, do not write bullshit like you just did.


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