PRESS RELEASE: Press statement for Emancipation 2017

By David Muhammad

David Muhammad

At this stage of our current social condition in 2017, the celebration of Emancipation must be centred on the condemnation of gang violence and the establishment of peace in our communities through the eradication of guns and illegal drugs and the promotion of a consciousness emphasizing the value and worth of black lives.

Caribbean Nations now have some of the highest murder rates in the world, and the uncontrollable bloodshed is becoming so common that a desensitization process is taking place, whereby, while we celebrate our African history, we ignore our contemporary reality.

Also the community neglect by politicians of African Descent speaks way too loudly in the face of their often diligent economic partnership with non-African ethnic groups. Afro-based political parties have facilitated a pathway for non-African communities to graduate from the lower social classes to a new middle class. We are not requesting any special treatment or privileges for African people, but simply equal treatment as other races have received.

The absence of justice will always threaten social order and stability. In this United Nations decade for people of African Descent, and along with the call for reparations for slavery, the Nation of Islam urges our elected officials and representatives to be more mindful of the chronic neglect that poor black communities suffer from.

Our organization, through the Black Agenda Project, continues to help teach, inspire, motive and improve our collective condition, but Governments across the region must be more sensitive to the exclusive plight of the Black community.

David Muhammad
Eastern Caribbean Representative of the Honourable Louis Farrakhan & the Nation of Islam
(Black Agenda Project Director, Author of Black Studies)


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