PRESS RELEASE: OECS and Spain forge closer collaboration

PRESS RELEASE: OECS and Spain forge closer collaboration

The OECS and Spain are exploring avenues in which to forge closer cooperation, facilitated by the recent visit by H.E. Fernando García-Casas, Secretary of State for International Cooperation and Latin America.

H.E. Dr. Didacus Jules met with H.E. Fernando Garcia-Casas and a distinguished delegation from Spain on Saturday the 15th July in Saint Lucia to reaffirm the friendship between Spain and the OECS and to consolidate and strengthen socio-economic cooperation.

Dr. Jules welcomed H.E Garcia-Casas and applauded his exceptional commitment to the OECS Spanish alliance which had grown stronger in recent years.

“Cooperation between Spain and the Caribbean has always been traditionally strong and we now look forward to a new era of growth and development opportunities for the region with Spain and other State actors” said Dr. Jules.
H.E. Garcia-Casas said he looked forward to Spain and the OECS working closely together for shared prosperity and development outcomes.

“The meeting with the OECS was a fruitful discussion and I want to reiterate the disposition of Spain to sign an agreement we are jointly working on that will reinforce the relations between Spain and the OECS by establishing new avenues of cooperation across different areas.

“I also want to reaffirm Spain’s commitment to the regional integration process in the OECS and I commend the notable progress achieved to date” said H.E Garcias-Casas.

Dr. Jules concluded that ours is one built on friendship and an acute understanding that cooperation in today’s age is not a choice but an imperative if we are to share knowledge, expertise and resources which can positively contribute to both the OECS and Spain.

“I am pleased to report that through an agreement with Spain we have implemented a Spanish language training Program at the Commission given our proximity to Latin America.

“Our regional integration drive will be enhanced with trade links outside of the OECS and to this end, becoming competent in Spanish will assist our professionals to work closely with their counterparts in Spanish speaking regions.

“We look forward to cementing further avenues for cooperation and our International Relations Unit will be working closely with Spain to deliver on Programs designed to enhance our friendship and the growth and prosperity of the OECS” Dr. Jules said.


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