PRESS RELEASE: NWU wants gov’t to revisit Labour Act “in a serious way”

PRESS RELEASE: NWU wants gov’t to revisit Labour Act “in a serious way”

Emancipation Day 2012 was used to launch and introduce the Labour Code, now the Labour Act.

Any reflection and investigation will reveal that on Emancipation Day 2017, workers are worse off under this industrial framework. Currently many workers are exposed to vicious industrial atrocities by some employers who continue to receive protection by that Labour Act.

Continuous Short term contracts ranging from one (1) month to nine (9) months have serious implications for annual vacation. Workers cannot go to the banks to negotiate loans, obtain items on higher purchase or travel visas.

This trend is dehumanizing and threatens to destroy genuine initiatives by committed trade unions to empower workers economically.

At present most industrial complaints lodged at the Department of Labour either remain within that unit unresolved or are dispatched to the Standing Tribunal. The workers are the ones who continue to have industrial justice elude them.

The time is right, now, for the present regime to revisit the Labour Act in a serious way.


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  1. The NWU is not fighting for the poor workers all the do is collect money and pretend they are deaf and dumb


  2. In 2012 NWU was all for this labor code that benefitted their friends & family as well as their district rep, now all of a sudden they want to revisit it.
    When King did not pass it they had tons to say ..... Like UWP not in favor of the marlayway, now is another story, didn't you see these issues before saying it was the best thing since sliced bread. Sing your supper tun don't stop


  3. That's not gonna change if our government has no confidence in the quality of it's people and their work ethic. we already bowing down to Sandals and the Chinese while at the same time denying local companies and individuals opportunities.


  4. If you look at the time frame, isn't it interesting that a while back the NWU was all over the news trying to unionize everybody and now they're protesting an act which prevents unionizing from happening. Look at how many little businesses were suffering, work forced to stop because they were simply demanding too much money from certain employers. I'm not saying that unions are unnecessary that there are not places where they need help, but look at some of the smaller businesses they were targeting and demanding money from. A friend of mine had to close down his company after the union was done with it and his workers regret it because it was a good source of income for them, they just got greedy thinking he had more money than he actually did. If employers are now enforcing these "dehumanizing" tactics, in my opinion, the NWU is to blame for that because of how they have been attacking certain companies, disrupting their businesses and destroying some of them over money.


  5. NWU still want more autonomy. Fight for better pay not to allow workers to get away with the crap they do in the workplace.


  6. Wish the unions would do something about thier members work ethics. St. Lucia workers has the worst work ethics in the western hemisphere.


    • Really? What about employer abuse? We always believe our own are slaves. We want to always be well off as business owners and our staff get marginal pay.


    • Speak for yourself since you so Brite why saint Lucian's in 2017 are working in well established Hotels for less than $4 ec an hour, Some work for years and are casual employees while u complain about work ethics the Guest knows they are the most friendly and some are the best at what they do.


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