PRESS RELEASE: NCPD hosts Camp Lajwa 2017 under the theme “Together We Stand As One”

PRESS RELEASE: NCPD hosts Camp Lajwa 2017 under the theme “Together We Stand As One”

The National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities Inc. of Saint Lucia, NCPD, is hosting the annual Camp Lajwa which specifically targets children who are differently abled.

The four day camping experience offers a socially caring and interactive environment for differently abled children with the hope that this impacts positively on them as they learn new creative things and places while having fun, socializing and creating awareness that disability is not inability.

We are fully aware that many of the differently abled people are excluded from society for various reasons which only work against their socialization, integration and overall development.

Hence, the key focus of Camp Lajwa (Joyful Camp) is to erode the social exclusion of people with disabilities by encouraging social interaction initially among themselves with an eventual purpose towards inclusion.

This also serves to culture positive self-perceptions of the children and their caretakers (family or otherwise).

The focus here is futuristic and with a view towards change as we focus on the children. We hope not to do so in isolation but expect that in time children who are lesser challenged could interact with differently abled ones as peers seeing and acting beyond their disabilities and limitations.

Camp Lajwa is funded in many ways by generous donations of several St. Lucian corporations and caring citizens, for this we extend our sincere gratitude.

Camp Lajwa is held this weekend, August 12-14th at the Piaye Secondary School under the theme “Together We Stand As One”.


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