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PRESS RELEASE: Movement for Social Justice urges CARICOM to stand strong with Venezuela, reject US coercion

By Telesur English

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hh“CARICOM governments must not be bullied, coerced, or bought by offers of aid, to alter their principled position,” the Movement for Social Justice said in a statement.

Trinidad and Tobago’s Movement for Social Justice called for a united front of the 15-member Caribbean Community in support of Venezuela at the meeting of the Organization of American States beginning Monday in Cancun, Mexico.

CARICOM adopted a resolution May 31, at an OAS meeting to discuss Venezuela, calling for a “respectful dialogue on the issue of the conflict in Venezuela” that is based on “noninterferencein the internal affairs and respect for the sovereignty of all nation-states. In so doing, Caribbean nations thwarted efforts led by the U.S. and its Latin American conservative allies against the Bolivarian government.

According to MSJ, CARICOM countries have received undue pressure from the United States to change their stance on Venezuela, “attacking Nicolas Maduro’s elected government.” “CARICOM governments must not be bullied, coerced, or bought by offers of aid, to alter their principled position,” the group’s statement said.

MSJ added that CARICOM governments must urge the OAS to adopt a position that would allow “dialogue between the government and opposition in Venezuela towards a peaceful resolution of the conflict within the context of the Venezuelan Constitution, respect for its institutions, and the regard for the ‘non-interference’ in the internal affairs of a sovereign state.”

The statement shed light on a visit by a senior U.S. official to Trinidad and Tobago two weeks ago. Francis Palmieri, Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, visited the capital of Port of Spain, in “an open effort to change its position on Venezuela,”emphasizing how the U.S. under Trump’s leadership is “intent on implementing the old, imperialist agenda of hegemony over Latin America and the Caribbean,” pointing towards Cuba as Trump’s recent target.

“This must not be allowed to happen unchallenged,” MSJ said.

MSJ said that international relations norms that are widely accepted are often “violated” by the “large, powerful states for their own self-interest.”

The organization stood by Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Keith Rowley’s stance calling for the removal of OAS Secretary-General Luis Almagro. Rowley said his country objected to Luis Almagro, because of the “very derogatory manner” in which he had engaged Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro, the Jamaica Observer reported.

The annual meeting of the OAS begins June 19 and ends on June 21.

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  1. Extremely sometimes even so there is no response.

  2. Let us get clear out of CARICOM. This organisation is a blasted nuisance. They waste their time. Now they want to waste ours. Go to hell.

  3. Assuming these above contributors are Negroes like me I want to ask them a question: what guarantee any of them give me that if they were living in the US that they would been victims of racism. had been stopped and abused by the police; perhaps dead or injured in the hands of the police. According to the way you all answer these questions I will know if you think with your brain or your heart. Let the people of Venezuela be free in their graves than live like a puppet or a slave. America's only interest is control of Venezuela's oil. If it was so concerned about the welfare of people the world would have been a better place beginning with St. Lucia. Its Banana Industry would have just as strong as 40/50 years ago.

    • Oil? Balderdash! US is into alternative and renewable energy such wind, wave, and solar. Only Trump is into carbon fuels. The coalminers voted for him to hold on to their coal mining jobs. The owners of the mines are automating. Their jobs and hopes are disappearing in tandem. Wind and solar power is taking over. Even tidal or wave power is being explored. Oil?

      Saudi Arabia is changing its economy for a non-oil future. There is no guarantee that the agreed reduction in production by OPEC producers will hold. We have done the right thing too, by ignoring ALBA-tross, and getting our first solar farm. Next it must be a wind farm. The stretch territory outside the eastern end of the airport must be examined for this. Oil? You must be joking. Get on with it, man.

    • That "oil" statement is old and outdated. America is easily the country with the most oil reserves in the world and in addition to that they do possess the capital to buy from any supplier in the world. To the modern world control is more about acculturation and less about oil.

      Do you think that the US is the leader of the western world because of the amount of oil it controls? That would be a stupid assumption because oil would be responsible for our own culture of consumerism and headphones wearing people who pay less attention to society and where most of the males wear their trousers under their buttocks.

  4. These are wolves in sheep's clothing. They have not one shred of credibility.

  5. Every where this form of government has been tried, it has failed. Yet so many want to experiment with it.It has failed in Venezuela . Time to change this government.

  6. We should NEVER NEVER allow those senile political dinosaurs forming the flotsam of CARICOM, to speak for us here in Saint Lucia. Never.

    If they care to, tet them send their fishing boats and drug-smuggling armadas to help Maduro.

    These communist ideologues are not part of our culture.

    Grenada flirted with their crap. Up to this day, Grenadians cannot find the remains of bullet-riden body of Maurice Bishop.

    What is happening in Venezuela is none of our damn business. Go to hell with that.

    • You are an ignorant person and you got no African root in you . did you ever look at the movie roots? Well you better to find your self or else you will remain that slave forever shame on you

      • This doesn't have to do anything with racism. The discussion is around a political system that have failed in every country where it was implemented and the government in Venezuela is a bunch of criminals and crooks that just want to stay in power forever and enslave the venezuelan people. Surprisingly, the same issue that you are pretending to fight against.. Dumbass

  7. Saint Lucia should revert to the position that the Bahamas now has in CARICOM. This is absolutely despicable behaviour to give any kind of support Maduro. These people are engaging in very shameless behaviour.

  8. Who pays any attention to CARICOM anyway? Rhetorical question.

    This is a nuisance institution. Its greatest contribution is its annual meetings. There, the representatives give each other pats on the back for another boast and great success. They managed to hold yet another meeting.

    The press releases each time are almost a verbatim and carbon copy of the last. They proudly repeat that nothing was achieved or agreed on. As usual. Next, the representatives have agreed to meet again in some other island next year. Hooray!

  9. straight SHOOTER


  10. With that man at helm of the free world , are we sure this is the stance we want to take , are we forgetting the Leahy law ......

  11. Is the Trinidad and Tobago movement for social justice asking CARICOM to stand firm behind the people of Venezuela or the government of Venezuela ? If this is a movement for social justice then obviously they should be standing behind the people .

  12. It is totally immoral and unethical for anyone to watch hunger, starvation, deprivation of human rights and call for its endorsement. That is very degrading and shameless. Such people do not represent me. No. Never.

    • Congratulations, as a Venezuelan who is suffering so much looking at my people going through all the pain and degradation imposed by this bunch of criminals and crooks I really appreciate your excellent and down to the point comments. Thanks for the support whoever you are

  13. maduro needs to blasted ease up the people of venezuela

  14. You have to be a communist ideologue or quite a jackass to follow this unalloyed stupidness of the senile elite. The world is moving towards greater dictatorship, now that China is almost the #1 economy in the world. Watch Turkey.

    The USA is now in the grips of grappling with its falsehoods about racism, equity and justice. A majority on opioid use has elected someone who will bring back the coal industry so as to get back to former employment levels.

    Now, 1984 came in 2016. It is the age of double-speak. 'Good is bad. Bad is good'. The Ministry of War is now the Ministry of Peace.

    These people are trying too damn hard to get us to accept the Animal Farm Model of government. 'Four legs good. Two legs better'.


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