PRESS RELEASE: Morgue building handed over to St Jude Hospital

PRESS RELEASE: Morgue building handed over to St Jude Hospital
St. Jude Hospital is currently being housed at this stadium.
St. Jude Hospital is currently being housed at the stadium.

The newly constructed St Jude Hospital morgue has moved one step closer to becoming operational after the building was officially handed over to the Board of Directors of St Jude Hospital by the Ministry of Health on Wednesday August 9, 2017.

Minister of Health and Wellness, Senator Hon. Mary Isaac along with the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health & Wellness, Mr. Felix St Hill joined the Board of Directors and Management team of St Jude Hospital for the handover and a walkthrough of the facility.

Following the walkthrough the group met at the George Odlum Stadium to discuss the way forward for the morgue. Mr. St Hill stated that the plan is to have the facility operational in short order.

“We would like to put it into operation almost immediately. So that is what we’re going to be doing with the morgue. Rather than wait till the completion of the entire hospital, we’re going to put the operations of the morgue into use almost immediately,” Mr. St Hill said.

The morgue along with the ambulance and security monitoring buildings were constructed by the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) with financing from the government of Mexico. The keys and operational manuals for the morgue were handed over to the Government of St Lucia by UNOPS in July after the building was retrofitted.

St Jude Hospital Chairman, Dr. Ulric Mondesir said it would have been a more joyous occasion had the entire hospital been handed over to the Board of Directors and people of Vieux Fort.

“I’m in relentless pursuit to see that this hospital, St Jude Hospital, be opened. And I hope if it is opened between December and January, it will be a gift for Christmas to the sick man. It will be a New Year’s gift for the sick man. We need this hospital open sooner than we think,” Dr. Mondesir said.

The morgue building is located at the original site of St Jude Hospital. The facility is fully equipped and also contains water and electricity.


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  1. So the Souls departed can now watch the ones waiting in line, racing to the finish line;
    whose in first?


  2. Thank you minister of health for giving us a morgue at the rate people are dying that's exactly what the country need right now


  3. Hope it's not you!!! Thanks to the UNOPS and the Mexican Government, Thanks to the Government of the day; I don't entertain politics but I'm not blind and I can see every effort being made to get the whole facility open. The South is waiting patiently. Thanks again!


  4. How about public disclosure on the almost million dollar (tax payers money) investigation of this St. Judes hospital mismanagement, fiasco and bobol. The way things going its as though that money spent is another waste of already scarce finance.

    How about holding those responsible to account and a recoup of public and other donated funds. That too is very important to send a strong message once and for all.


  5. We call st lucia the most beautiful island in the world .The number one for honey moon destination ,Yet the government neglect us the people.I fail to understand how our island which constantly claim to have a increase in tourism activities .which includes more hotels being build ,increase in flights in and our of st lucia.But yet still the people of the South are still waiting for the hospital redevelopment. This I can't stomach .Growing up I thought our motto was the land ,the people ,the light.Someone please tell me where and how are the needs of us st Lucians being met .Should proper health facilities not be our government main priority,Should our kids not have a patch of land to play in their communities. I know this article is about a morgue building being handed over but I guess am just frustrated because that's not the news we want to hear.


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