PRESS RELEASE: MOH meets with World Pediatric Project organization

PRESS RELEASE: MOH meets with World Pediatric Project organization

The World Pediatric Project (WPP) and the Ministry of Health are seeking to strengthen their relationship by providng Pediatric care for Saint Lucian children.

Since 2008, when the first St. Lucian child received services from World Pediatric Project, (WPP) 730 procedures or individual specialized Pediatric services, have been provided at no cost to families or the St. Lucian government. The total value of these services to date is US $12 million.

The World Pediatric Project is a US non-profit organization with a mission to provide children from developing countries access to advance pediatric critical care.

On Wednesday the 26th of July, 2017, representatives from the World Pediatric Project paid the Ministry of Health a courtesy visit to dialogue and discuss the way forward in sustaining and developing the program.

Senior Medical Officer in the Ministry of Health, Dr. Sharon Belmar-George says the Ministry is ecstatic about such collaboration.

‘We are very pleased so far with that collaboration……the sustainability of the program for the benefit of our children here.’

The World Pediatric Project is currently based in Richmond Virginia, with a second office in St. Louis, Missouri, however, recognizing the relatively small population of each individual nation, WPP conceived the “Hub concept” of concentrating resources in St. Vincent to deliver services to all the children of the Eastern Caribbean Nations.

The CEO of the organization Susan Rickman says, according to the organization’s slogan, their primary focus is to “Heal a Child, Change the World”.

‘We have been working in the Eastern Caribbean since 2001……which ones need to be seen by an organization like World Pediatric Project.’

Next to St. Vincent, Saint Lucia is currently the second largest country to benefit from the organization.

‘From Saint Lucia our 60th child is getting ready to come up to the United States……of course the surgical procedures themselves.’


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