PRESS RELEASE: Micoud to get state-of-the-art wellness centre

PRESS RELEASE: Micoud to get state-of-the-art wellness centre

health coverageFor some time now, residents of the Micoud community have been clamouring for a modern wellness centre to meet the needs of a growing community.

The current facility located on Philadelphia Road leaves much to be desired. In fact, the building was neither designed nor constructed in keeping with the strict demands of a health facility.

At a recent well-attended gathering of residents, hosted by Ministry of Health technocrats, it was revealed, much to the delight of the animated audience, that a state-of-the-art Wellness Centre will be constructed for residents.

“Jackie Mills, Social Planner Corporate Planning Ministry of Health, said: “For the past few years, the Micoud Health facility has been ran from a rental of a building which was not designed for the delivery of health services; so it was really not the most appropriate.

“During the budget address, the representative for Micoud indicated that the Micoud Health facility will be reconstructed. So we are here today, to just have a meeting with the community , get a sense as to what their health service needs are; what are the health issues affecting the community and what are the health services that they would like which would really inform the design. We are also here to discuss possible site relocations, appropriate sites for the redevelopment of the facility.”

Among other modern trappings, the new health facility which will be executed under the Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project (DVRP) will be constructed to better withstand hurricanes and storms, taking into consideration that we live in an era of climate change.

Engineer – Ministry of Health & Wellness said: “It will be safer. It will be greener. It will have rain water harvesting systems. Well you know in climate change, things are happening quickly, so we have to ensure that our facility operates, during, before and after a disaster, because it is one of the main facilities in that area. In the past, we have had some issues with the Micoud Health Centre, but we’re building it better, more resilient so that at least the environs can weather out the next couple years.

“We’re responsible for all care, so I mean the facility will take into account everybody, both normal and differently abled. They will have their access ramps and everything necessary to take care of persons to ensure that they get the necessary care that they need.”

The Health technocrats emphasized the importance of the involving residents from concept to implementation.

For their part, the residents were congruent in the decision as to where the modern health facility should be located. They also articulated their sentiments on the various features that they would like incorporated into the final design.

It is anticipated that the construction of the state-of-the art health facility should commence in 2018.


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  1. Folks: "state-of-the art" simply means incorporating the newest ideas and the most up-to-date features


  2. Article incomplete. .what's state of d art ?? They gonna give art lessons there ...sighh ... Rain harvest. ..hurricane proof that it ... Out Health care sucks .. how many CatScans on island. many competent Dr we have .. Pllzzz...just say they will build a health centre... and stop giving a political supporter Rent Money... By the way fix the road in The Park Madame MP....plzz


  3. If it does get underway and upgraded, it can complement the "ground zero" for healthcare in Saint Lucia, which is Vieux Fort. Vieux Fort has the potential for being the industrial capital of Saint Lucia. It takes vision. But past representatives have not had this.


  4. What the hell does "a state of the art wellness center" mean? Would it be possible to perform surgeries there? Rain water harvesting certainly isn't state of the art.


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