PRESS RELEASE: LIAT appoints its first female CEO

PRESS RELEASE: LIAT appoints its first female CEO
LIAT'S CEO, Julie Reifer-Jones.
LIAT’S new CEO, Julie Reifer-Jones.

ST. JOHN’S ANTIGUA, August 1, 2017 – The Board of Directors of LIAT, The Caribbean Airline, confirms the appointment of Mrs. Julie Reifer-Jones as Chief Executive Officer.

Mrs. Reifer-Jones is a graduate of The University of the West Indies, a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Barbados. Prior to joining LIAT, as Chief Financial Officer in 2008, Mrs. Reifer-Jones held several senior finance positions and has more than 25 years of experience in the fields of finance and management.

On her appointment, Mrs. Reifer-Jones stated she is delighted to be taking up this new challenge and is looking forward to delivering an improved level of service from LIAT to the region.

Mrs. Reifer-Jones is the first woman to be appointed CEO of LIAT.

In announcing her appointment, Chairman of the Board of LIAT, Dr. Jean Holder noted “Mrs. Reifer-Jones has served at LIAT in the number two position for some nine years and in that capacity has acted as CEO for extended periods on several occasions.

In addition to her familiarity with the people and culture of the region and her intimate knowledge of the company, her financial and academic qualifications should complement the practical experience of the airline industry she has acquired on the job. I wish her well as she undertakes one of the most challenging assignments in the region.”


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  1. What will you do differently let's hear it Liat needs a makeover and overhaul to begin with ..., maybe move the base from ANU and see what happens....


  2. Am optimistic,now about liat i have never been befre,but you know,this will work only if Mrs ReiferJones is a iron lady or a dog heart.Because men never want a woman to reign over them,so she will have pressure from the sexist them.So she got to be a soldier at doing what she knows is right for that d as mn airline,if she let these men whisper sweet notes in her ears she doomed.A woman CEO you think these campers happy think again.Your antennas must be up at all times,or the men will get you out.


  3. It’s all well and good to know but will this bring any lower prices on flights, stinking delays like taking forever and a day for a 45 minute flight. You “LIAT” need some major competition. You do what you do because you have a monopoly on the market… you “LIAT” can bring the prices up and have ZERO challenges because you have ZERO competition. WE NEED SOME COMPETITION FOR YOU “LIAT”


  4. Not going to make a difference with the way Governments and politicians are involved. She wont last because she is set up to fail. LIAT has to be dissolved and sold to a private company. This company has been in the red for over 32 plus years, it needs to be streamlined to effective, and I would say compete, but the politicians subsidizing have made sure there is no competition.


  5. Like seriously!!!!!!!!!! in this day and age the word "female" is of significance here? We did mot need to be told that it was a female. 'Mrs" would kinda tell us don't you think?


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