PRESS RELEASE: Kalinago Tours in Dominica seeks agent (s) in Saint Lucia

PRESS RELEASE: Kalinago Tours in Dominica seeks agent (s) in Saint Lucia

In an effort to provide our CARICOM neighbors desirous of attending the 2017 edition of the annual World Creole Music Festival in Dominica with a better experience as Caribbean people, Kalinago Tours is seeking to collaborate with partners across the region in the provision of a five day all inclusive package which includes attendance at the music festival, site seeing tours and an adventure experience with the indigenous people of Dominica, the Kalinago people.

To this effect, Kalinago Tours is offering an exciting package with great incentives for the services of a bona fide agent(s) who could represent Kalinago Tours in St. Lucia primarily to facilitate the above venture.

Kalinago Tours will provide the five day plan and will be responsible for all the logistics in Dominica. The agent will work in collaboration with Kalinago Tours in the enlistment process and facilitate patrons on the behalf of Kalinago Tours and address minor logistical matters as well.

As it relates to St. Lucia, the intention is for Kalinago Tours to facilitate short stay visits from Dominica to St. Lucia with the agent acting as the local representative as well.

Kalinago Tours is a Tour Agency which among others, specializes in the promotion of authentic travel to Dominica.

Our website is located at:

For more information on the above, please contact Kalinago Tours through the above website, Facebook or email us at [email protected] on or before August 11th, 2017.


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  1. This is awesome! Good initiative to further enhance the Caribbean vibes. We are one people. DA and Lucia!!!


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