PRESS RELEASE: Japanese volunteer to teach music at Gros Islet school

PRESS RELEASE: Japanese volunteer to teach music at Gros Islet school
Mayuko Mizuno
Mayuko Mizuno

The new school year starts in September and the District One Education Office of Saint Lucia is already coming up with ways to fortify its Music Education curriculum.

As a way of enriching their instruction, the District Office has obtained the assistance of a Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer(JOCV) in Music.

The volunteer, Ms. Mayuko Mizuno, will travel to each school in the Gros Islet area where she will work with the district music coordinator and assist with classes in both vocal and instrumental music as well.

JOCV Mayuko Mizuno has spent fifteen years teaching music and other subjects in Japan and other countries and her goal is to use that experience towards supporting the District Office’s music scheme. She will travel to the schools of the greater Gros Islet area every day, helping teachers and students to accomplish this.

A wholesome curriculum includes the academics as well as the arts to encourage development of a well-rounded student. Such curriculums encourage students to explore the world around them and to seek personal accomplishment as well as academic accomplishment.

District One Education Officer Mrs. Mark said, “Success should not be defined solely by academic ability.” Students have various abilities and interests and they should be encouraged to excel in those areas.

JOCV are very active in Saint Lucia with – including Mizuno – ten volunteers in the fields of Education, Environmental Education, Fine Arts, Community Development, Music, Cooking and Physical Therapy. There are also JOCV dispatched to St. Vincent and the Grenadines currently.

The JOCV program was started in Saint Lucia in 1995 and has continuously supported the social and economic development of Saint Lucia and her people up to today.


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