PRESS RELEASE: Homicide in Pierrot

PRESS RELEASE: Homicide in Pierrot

crime2Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a forty-nine (49) year old resident of Pierrot Vieux Fort, namely Moses Clovis also known as ‘The Mole’.

Officers attached to the Vieux Fort Police Station received a report of a suspicious death, about 11:55 a.m. on Sunday, May 28, 2017, at Boriel Beach, Pierrot.

The lifeless body of Moses Clovis was discovered in a rocky area along the seafront, with multiple apparent bruises. He was formally pronounced dead on the scene by a medical practitioner.

A post mortem is to be scheduled for a subsequent date.

There are currently six (6) individuals in police custody assisting with investigations. Investigations into this matter are continuing.

This is the twenty-sixth homicide for the year 2017.



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  1. Were you the adult who assisted the kids since you are 100 percent sure that the kids are innocent. You were not there but you all are quick to make assumptions. If he had a broken neck, fractured skull, cutlass wounds, etc. How these wounds came about? He sure did not do it to himself.


    • If ppl quick to make assumptions (anon) who ever your are, I guess you no the TRUTH. Plz tell us the truth.


    • Cause you saying ppl quick to assumptions but you fail to realise you just made an assumption also . So whats your point.


  2. Ppl are to quick to speculate and point finger blah blah blah. The kids are innocent cause the story don't add up. Police needs to take their time to do their investigations, the kids are innocent and please ppl stop jumping into conclusions.


  3. Children have and are now being possessed by demons. Their parents are too busy gossiping on the phones and drinking in the rum shops. It is scary to know that the real criminals are not the adults but youth and children in their early and late teens.
    I was told sometime before the election that Kenny D Anthony was responsible for the high crime rate in St.Lucia . Can somebody tell me who is responsible now?

    St.Lucia will have to shake up and get it right or soon all the tourism projects will become null and void.

    Who wants to come to a country infested by crime on vacation?
    You just have to vacate yourself from this place!!


    • Oh shut the hell up. Can we find a real solution for once instead of blaming people.


    • Every country has crime. If what you're saying should be considered (Who wants to come to a country infested by crime on vacation?) then no one should leave their country to visit another. No matter where you go, there's crime. You just have to be on guard. And it is sad that there's crimes every where but all that is because of sin from the beginning of time with Adam and Eve. We are all capable of committing crimes and I am sure you have committed one. A crime does not only mean murder. A crime is anything that is against the law or an action or activity that, although not illegal, is considered to be evil, shameful, or wrong. Examples of crimes: lying, stealing, cheating, not paying tax, etc... So to stop crime let's start with ourselves. We are not perfect and cannot stop crimes or sinning on our own, so we need a saviour Jesus Christ to take on the wrath of God. We must believe in Jesus Christ and what he did for us on the cross and turn away from our sins.


      • While every country has crime, the crime rate in St Lucia (particularly the murder rate is very high) compared to many other destinations outside the Caribbean. It is a factor taken into consideration when people are deciding to visit. So instead of saying that every country has crime, do take a look at how bad it is in St. Lucia and hope that it gets better as it will affect our tourist industry. People will not stop coming to a country where people do not pay tax (even though the scale of tax evasion is very high in St. Lucia) but they will for murder and robbery!


  4. When parents have to work to take care of their kids .....will they watch their every move these teenagers as mentioned needs to take responsibility for their own actions.....dont blame hard working parents if they don't work their kids can't eat in this small Lucia....


  5. 26 homicides in 5 months - that's some record St Lucia!
    What's happened to human decency? It's time to make an example of these perpetrators. What deterrents are there ? None.


  6. Sad sad week for the family, another family member was brutally murdered in Toronto....May God continue to strengthen the Clovis Family of Pierrot, May their souls rest in perfect Harmony


  7. It is rumoured that the suspects in this homicide are a group of teenagers from the said community. If this turns out to be the case this is a very sad and scary situation. There is something very wrong with how our children are being socialized. Why are families raising little monsters? As the old adage says "it takes a village to raise a child" but we have completely lost it. When teachers attempt to provide guidance some of these kids parents take them to task. What is one to do? I'm afraid that more of these cases will occur if we do not take a hard look at the roles and responsibilities of the various institutions i.e families, schools, churches government.


    • My deepest condolences to the family and friends of the deceased. May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace.


      • Hence the reason why it is written that these institutions must take a hard look at themselves (introspection). It is very clear when things like this happen it is indicative of failures within these key institutions that make up the societies within which we live.


      • Like it or not these are some of the pillars on which we depend on to ensure the well being of members of the society. Some of us may not appreciate the role of all of them but one way or they other they all impact our lives. I agree that they are all troubled and hence the reason why the comment stated that these institutions must do some introspection and re-examine the role that they are called to play in the society at large.


    • Which teachers? Some of the male ones are abusers of females & have no principles whatsoever. What village will raise child(ren) for people. That would make their parents the two most irresponsible lay-abouts in town. And you, stop taking responsibility for the nonsense/ wickedness people do in the society, or passing it on to society as a whole. Personally, I feel unscathed and aloof of all that evil. How about you??


    • Hope you are of good assistance to the Criminal Authority in finding the perpetrators. You sound as if you are withholding vital information in assisting the Criminal investigation. If not, you are in the wrong calling and need to get a definitive proper BV job. You are also divulging sensitive information which may prevent prime suspects from being apprehended.


      • You clearly did have not been watching or listening to the local news. It has been broadcasted that six teenagers are in custody assisting with the crime. The Police and the Minister of Justice also divulged this information for the whole world to hear. So it would appear that the suspects have been apprehended and hopefully will be charged.


  8. Jesus take the wheel. These things dont happen in movies anymore. Its world wide. Father forgive them for they dont know what they did. RIP


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