PRESS RELEASE: Government to continue free assessments for special needs children?

PRESS RELEASE: Government to continue free assessments for special needs children?

In response to our press release yesterday, we are happy to know the Government of Saint Lucia via the Ministry of Health & Wellness has deemed it important and necessary to continue with a program which provided professional pediatric assessment to children with special needs.

We encourage the Government of Saint Lucia to furnish the public, specifically parents with special needs children, the names and credentials of the new doctors who have been employed to replace the previous consultant, along with their schedule to provide services at the islands thirty-three (33) health centers, also the Dennery and Soufriere Hospitals respectively.

This information is urgently required so parents and guardians of special needs children can get assessment and reports for the upcoming school semester in a timely manner.

We expect the Government’s Communications Officer Ms. Nicole McDonald to provide this information with the same alacrity with which she deemed us irresponsible.


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  1. I want to agree with you 100%. You see these same persons when our youth commit crimes would blame them and talk about lack of conflict resolution skills and self control in dealing with matters. Yet a simple talk show where the entire nation was all in ears she failed miserably to contain herself! I know how sincere and passionate she was in bringing her points across but its democracy: everyone's opinion matters!


  2. THe woman who represents this organization is sooo declasse (without class or basic manners). I was shocked to hear someone appearing in an official capacity carry herself in such an undignified, and ignorant manner. And I guess some might say that I am UWP that's why I'm saying that, even though this is anonymous, however, that's beside the point to me. If you are in the sahvan fighting for man then for sure you can carry yourself that way, but when you are representing such a very important cause as that of vulnerable persons, please appear with some basic manners.


    • Couldn't agree with you more but Tim should have known the beast he was dealing with and she didn't disappoint. I was laughing throughout the entire show. Great


    • LucianBoi758 could you please articulate your views on the Minister of Finance's affair.....or are these views expresses herein reserved only for women in public offices, position of responsibility or influence?


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